Graduate Programs in Business

Evening MBA Program

The Nazarian College's part-time evening MBA program enhances management and leadership skills so that mid-career professionals can advance in their careers, switch careers or become entrepreneurs.

Award winning: CSUN’s AACSB-accredited David Nazarian College of Business and Economics is recognized by Princeton Review as a 2019 “Best Business School."

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The Classroom Experience:

Graduates describe their highly qualified professors as a highlight of the program, noting their ability to combine academics with real-life applications. Faculty, handpicked for excellent teaching, research and business credentials, facilitate active learning by integrating and applying rigorous academic and theoretical training to practical situations. Professors leverage students’ business experience, lead their analysis of data and situations in the business world, run business simulations, and engage them in client-based projects. Small class sizes allow faculty and students to take full advantage of this active-learning approach.

The Students:

Students in the CSUN Nazarian MBA program join a diverse group of intelligent and accomplished professionals from the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles County, and Ventura County regions. CSUN provides the second most diverse environment in the country as recognized by the Wall Street Journal. Few MBA programs can equal CSUN’s in graduating MBAs prepared to work and lead in a diverse and global business environment.

The Value:

The program offers outstanding value to students in a time of increasing tuition and student debt. As noted by Princeton Review, it “comes with a ‘reasonable’ price tag which ensures that graduate school is actually ‘financially feasible.’”

The Program:

Classes are Monday through Thursday evenings from 7:00 PM to 9:45 PM and occasional Saturdays. The MBA program is flexible. Students typically take two courses per semester, but may reduce or accelerate their academic load commensurate with career and family demands.

  • Those with an undergraduate degree in business from AACSB accredited institutions, or who have successfully completed our one-year Graduate Certificate in Business Administration (GCBA), usually complete the 33 units of core and elective MBA courses in two years, including summer.
  • Students without an undergraduate degree in business who did not complete the GCBA program typically complete 15 units of foundation-level classes in their first year of the program, and complete the program in its entirety in three years, including summers.

Electives and Specializations:

Electives vary by semester and include topics in management, finance, marketing and entrepreneurship. Specializations are optional. The Nazarian MBA offers specializations in Entrepreneurship, Finance, Management/Human Resources, Marketing and Accounting. Some specializations rely on graduate classes outside the MBA including Information Systems (Health Informatics), Systems and Operations Management (approved Engineering courses), Entertainment Industry (Music Industry Administration – extra fee applies), and International Business (student proposes relevant courses for approval). To complete a specialization, students are required to complete two elective courses within their selected specialization.

The Nazarian College MBA Consulting Project

The Nazarian College MBA Consulting Project is a significant, culminating undertaking appropriate to the business professional field. At the end of their program, MBA candidates work collaboratively in small teams on this joint graduate project under faculty supervision. The team prepares a strategic business plan, feasibility study, comprehensive marketing plan or similar for a client organization. CSUN Nazarian MBA teams have won first-place three times since 2010 in the National Small Business Institute’s Experiential Learning Project of the Year Competition in a Graduate-level category (2010 Graduate Specialized, 2014 Graduate Business Plan, 2015/16 Graduate Feasibility/Business Plan).