David Nazarian College of Business and Economics

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Workforce of the Future Symposium

Each year, the David Nazarian College of Business and Economics at CSUN brings together global technology innovators and pioneering businesses at the forefront of the cataclysmic and rapid-cycle dislocations that are transforming the very nature of the Workforce of the Future.

Last November, more than 700 attendees were captivated by the ways in which KPMG is utilizing IBM Watson® to transform accounting. 

This year, on November 20, our showcase will focus on an industry with particular resonance for Southern California Media and Entertainment. 

  • The keynote will feature quantum computing, looming on a rapidly advancing horizon, propelled by recent breakthroughs and new-found momentum. 
  • The panel discussion will touch on 5G and Edge just around the corner, and dive deeper into the technologies revolutionizing the nature of work here-and-now, in real and accelerating time: artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning, the Internet-of-things, process robotics.

Wednesday, November 20 | 4PM | The Soraya

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Our distinguished speakers will establish a baseline of technical and scientific conversance to then situate specific use cases illustrating the skills, aptitudes and qualities required to thrive in the Workforce of the Future. 

We have no doubt they will inspire what we intend – a commitment and resolve to intellectual curiosity and life-long learning.