Wells Fargo Center for Small Business & Entrepreneurship

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Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is constructed to represent the interests of students, alumni, faculty and community members with interest in small business and entrepreneurship. The Center Director relies upon the board members for their specific expertise in planning events, advising students, and determining the strategic direction of the Center. Board members come from a broad sampling of the entrepreneurial and small business communities.

In addition, the Board unifies related interests on campus through representation from the Entertainment Industry Institute, the Center for Community Service Learning, the Consumer Resource Center, the Family Business Center, and the San Fernando Valley Economic Research Center.

  • Richard Burke
    Performance Labs
  • Kristen Hafner
    We the People
  • Peter Jonas
  • Gary Madvin
    Financial Management Services
  • Bill Miller
    Miller & Sons
  • Lorenzo Flores
    regional SBA Director
  • Joy Griffin
    CSUN Prof. and Alumnus, and Entrepreneur
  • Mary Curren
    CSUN, Prof. of Marketing
  • Deborah Cours
    CSUN, Director of the MBA
  • Dan Blake
    CSUN, Prof. of Economics
  • Barbara Gross
    Prof. of Marketing
  • Deborah Heisley
    CSUN, Prof. of Marketing
  • Bill Hosek
    retired dean of Nazarian College
  • Melanie Williams
    CSUN, Prof. of Business Law