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Volunteer Service Awards Program

Granny Award For Outstanding Volunteer Leadership

The Dorothea "Granny" Heitz award for Outstanding Volunteer Leadership is the highest honor bestowed upon a volunteer in recognition of their loyal leadership and service to the university. The award is appropriately named in honor of Dorothea Heitz who's enthusiasm and loyalty to the university span decades. See our video to learn more about the legacy of Granny Heitz.



Gene Detchemendy

2009 Granny Award Recipient

1984 B.S. Marketing Gene Detchemendy is recognized as one of CSUN’s most loyal and dedicated alumni leaders.  A University donor and Alumni Association Lifetime Member, Gene’s volunteer commitments to the University have been most visibly noted through his nearly 15 years of service as a member of the Board of Directors of the California State University, Northridge Alumni Association



John R. Golisch

2007 Granny Award Recipient

1972 B.S. Business Administration  John Golisch is a Certified Public Accountant and partner with BDO Seidman, LLP.  Prior to his association with BDO Seidman, John had earned a reputation as one of the most respected specialists on Southern California retail markets and was affiliated with Arthur Andersen & Company, where he was a senior partner. Link to Complete Biography



Al and Sherry Lapides

2004 Granny Award Recipients

1968 M.S. Business Administration   The Lapides family first got involved with volunteer work at Cal State Northridge in 1974 when Al joined with another volunteer to develop a mentoring program to help undergraduates achieve career goals.

Link to complete biography



I. Allan Oberman

2003 Granny Award Recipients

1967 B.A. Business Administration   Many individuals volunteer but few individuals have made such a profound impact on the growth of an organization as Allan Oberman in relation to his service to Cal State Northridge and its Alumni Association.

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Alma Zatarain

2002 Granny Award Recipients

1980 B.S. Finance   It is fitting that Alma Zatarain is one of the first to be presented a Granny Award. For like Granny, Alma has continually expressed her intangible loyalty in may tangible ways.

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Dean Edmund Peckham Emeriti Merit Award

Faculty members are also honored annually with the Emeriti Merit Award. This award is presented to emeritus or retired faculty and staff members who contribute above and beyond their regular responsibilities. See our video to learn more about the legacy of Dean Edmund Peckham.



Art Tait

2001 Emeriti Merit Award Recipient

Retired   Faculty, Business
  Art Tait is one of the most beloved individuals in the history of CSUN. A   mentor to many, Art has always gone beyond the job description in teaching   and motivating current and former students and advising faculty and staff to   reach beyond personal and professional goals.
  Link to complete   biography


Chapter Volunteer Service Award

Alumni Chapter organizations are whole-heartedly led by volunteers committed to supporting the Alumni Association and their respected constituency. Each chapter may select a recipient to honor annually for their service.



Maria Patron

2010 Alumni Chapter Recipients

1993 B.S. Accounting 
  Accounting and Information Systems Alumni Chapter

The   AIS Alumni Chapter is honored to recognize Maria for her many years of   dedicated service to the chapter and the department.  A member of the   executive board since 2002, her support included two years as chapter   president in which she was instrumental in attracting over seventy-five   alumni members to attend CSUN’s 50th Grand Reunion.  Maria also has   solicited donations and raised funds for student 



Kurt Rayners

2009 Alumni Chapter Recipients

1995 B.S. Organizational Systems & Mgt. / 2000   Masters in Business
  MBA Alumni Chapter
  Kurt has been involved with the Masters in Business Alumni Association (MBAA)   for several years and served as president of the chapter for two years. He   has served as the keynote and guest speaker at chapter events and many MBA   program events focused on mentoring current MBA students. Despite an intense   schedule, Kurt has always remained committed to giving back to his alma   mater. Kurt is the vice president and general manager of Regency Lighting in   Van Nuys. He and wife 



Leadman Yep

2009 Alumni Chapter Recipients

1989 B.A. Accounting Theroy and Practice
  Accounting and IS Alumni Chapter
  Playing an integral part in planning and coordinating the chapter’s role in   the university’s 50th Grand Reunion, Leadman was able to promote this major   campus event to alumni and was instrumental in the excellent attendance from   Accounting alumni and their families. He spent many hours communicating with   alumni to ensure a good turnout. His efforts on behalf of the chapter have   helped to energize the Accounting and Information Systems Alumni Chapter. As   an involved student at Cal Sta



Enrico Pena

2008 Alumni Chapter Recipients

1986 B.S. Accounting
  Accounting and Information Systems Alumni Chapter
  Since graduating from CSUN, Enrico has been very involved with the AIS Alumni   Chapter, holding the positions of historian, secretary and currently, serving   as first vice president. He also serves as the official photographer for the   chapter.  As a student he volunteered at the Center for Volunteer Income   Tax Assistance (VITA).




Deborah Cours

2007 Alumni Chapter Recipients

Faculty, College of Business
  Masters in Business Administration Alumni Chapter

Dr.   Deborah Cours has been a member of the Marketing faculty in the College of   Business & Economics since 1994.  She received a B.S. in Psychology   from the University of Iowa and a Ph.D. in Marketing from UCLA.    Currently she is the Director of Graduate and Evening Programs for the   College. Debi was instrumental in establishing the Wells Fargo Center for   Small Business and Entrepreneurship at Northridge and was its founding   Director.  She was recognized for her business leadership 



Donna Watkins

2007 Alumni Chapter Recipients 

2001 B.S. Accountancy
  Accounting and Information Systems Alumni Association

Donna   Watkins has held numerous leadership positions in the Accounting and   Information Systems Alumni Association, one of the largest Alumni Chapters of   the Cal State Northridge Alumni Association.   Donna served as Treasurer,   then Vice President of Membership before becoming President of the chapter.   Donna has worked on campus since 1998 having earned her degree in Accountancy   in December of 2001.   A CPA, Donna is Program 




Toby Reyes

2006 Alumni Chapter Recipients

2003 B.S. Accountancy
  Accounting and Information Systems Alumni Chapter
  Toby was a highly involved student leader who has continued to demonstrate   his loyalty to the university as an alumnus. As a student he was a member of   the Accounting Association, eventually becoming a director and executive   board member. In 2002 he was elected the organization’s president. He held   leadership positions with the Latino Business Association, Alpha Kappa Psi   (business fraternity) and Lambda Chi Alpha (social fraternity).




Claudia Garcia

2005 Alumni Chapter Recipients

1994 B.S. Management Information Systems
  Accounting and Information Systems Alumni Chapter
  After graduating from Cal State Northridge in 1994 with a degree in   Management Information Systems from the College of Business, Claudia remained   close to her alma mater. She has been employed at Northridge since 1989,   first as a student assistant and following graduation, as a professional   staff member in the College of Business. Claudia is currently a Business Information   Technology Consultant for the Office of Information Syst



Claire Herczeg

2005 Alumni Chapter Recipients

2000 M.B.A. Masters of Business Administration
  Masters of Business Alumni Chapter
  Graduating from Cal State Northridge with her MBA in 2000, Claire is a   founding member of MBAA alumni chapter.  Claire helped develop the   chapter in 2003 and since then has served in several different leadership   roles Her work has enabled the chapter to grow its membership and plan   several successful events.  No job was ever too big or too small for   her.  Claire's support of Northridge, particularly the MBA program and   her 



Cassandra Yeh

2005 Alumni Chapter Recipients

2003 B.S. Finance
  Finance and Real Estate Alumni Chapter
  As a student, Cassandra was an active member of the Student Finance   Association and volunteered at the Career Center. Through her dedication and   leadership she helped create traditional events that still take place in the   Student Finance Association today. Since graduation from Northridge with a   B.S. in Finance Real Estate and Insurance in 2003, Cassandra has continued   her activities with the Career Center through outreach to students an



Dewayne Jones

2004 Alumni Chapter Recipients

1992 B.S. Finance
  Finance and Real Estate Alumni Chapter
  After graduating from Northridge in 1992 with a bachelor’s degree in finance,   Dewayne began working as a consultant Sourcetek Company, placing executives   in the field of engineering and computer science.  Dewayne continued his   support of Cal State Northridge by volunteering to start the first Finance   and Real Estate Alumni Chapter for Northridge. Working diligently the first   year to draft the charter and bylaws, recruit an executive board, and plan   events, he built the foundation for one of the largest alumni c




Tammy Tolgo

2004 Alumni Chapter Recipients

2002 M.B.A. Masters in Business Administration
  Masters in Business Alumni Chapter
  With a B.A. from UC Santa Cruz (‘97) and an MBA from CSUN (‘02), Tammy joined   the MBA program as the assistant director shortly after graduation.    Despite a lean staff and responsibilities that spanned from recruitment to   academic counseling, Tammy volunteered her own time to support and join a   group of recent MBA graduates in founding the Masters of Business Alumni   Association. The MBA Association is now a key compliment in the continued   growt



Morris Zagha

2004 Alumni Chapter Recipients

1998 B.A. Accounting
  Accounting and Information Systems Alumni Chapter
  Morris Zagha of the Walt Disney Company has always been determined to   volunteer his time and expertise to his alma mater.  An honors student   in accounting, Morris served as student president of the Accounting   Association and earned status as a lifetime member in Beta Alpha Psi at the   time of his graduation in 1998.  Almost immediately, Morris committed to   helping current students by serving as an alumnus mentor and serving as   treasurer for the Accounting and IS Alumni Association



Earl Weiss

2003 Alumni Chapter Recipients

Faculty Member, College of Business and Economics
  Accounting and Information Systems Alumni Chapter
  Earl Weiss has been a member of the Northridge faculty for almost 20 years.   Currently the Chair of the Department of Accounting and Information Systems,   he previously served six years as Special Assistant to the President under   presidents Cleary and Wilson. Professor Weiss, who is an attorney and CPA,   has dedicated his academic career to building one of the nation’s most   respected accounting programs. Through the years, he has demonstrated an   equal commitment to



Robert Barker

2002 Alumni Chapter Recipients

Faculty Member, College of Business and Economics
  Accounting and Information Systems Alumni Chapter
  Most organizations can name those few individuals who, because of their   long-term dedicated support and commitment, give life to the endeavor.    For the Accounting and IS Alumni Chapter, that person is Robert Barker.    Although serving as a member of the faculty and then chair for the Department   of Accounting and Information Systems until 1997 got him involved in the   organization, his strong volunteer spirit keeps him coming back.  Robert   was instrumental in the formation and continued advancement as one of the   first alumni chapters orga

College Volunteer Service Award

Many alumni and friends of the institution are still connected with the academic department or program from which they earned their degree. Service awards are presented to volunteers by each academic college at the university.



Timothy Wahl

2011 College Recipients

Friend of the University 
  College of Business and Economics
  Tim serves on the College’s Advisory Board.  His focus has been on   expanding recognition of the Masters in Business Administration “MBA”   program.  He has developed an interview and resume writing seminar for   business students.  Tim has served as a General Counsel to numerous   financial institutions. As a practicing attorney, he has focused his area of   expertise on banking, finance and business law as well as 



David P. Malone

2010 College Recipients

1981 B.S. Accounting 
  College of Business and Economics
  As a member of the COBAE Dean’s Advisory Board since its inception, Dave   Malone has been making a difference to Cal State Northridge for the last 15   years.  He is currently board chairman and works hard encouraging others   to become involved with the university. Malone truly believes in CSUN as an   institution and spends tremendous time and personal resources running the   advisory board.



Carl Raggio

2009 College Recipients

Friend of the University
  College of Business and Economics
  Carl is President and Chief Executive Officer of Western Commercial Bank in   Woodland Hills. A 10th generation Californian, his background includes over   27 years in the banking industry, 14 of those in executive management. In   2006, he received the Banker of the Year award. Being supportive of the   College of Business and Economics, Carl is Co-Chair of the Workforce   Initiative at the Economic Alliance of the San Fernando 



Jeff Rosen

2008 College Recipients

1983 B.S. Business Administration /  1984 M.S.   Accountancy
  College of Business and Economics
  Jeff has been the consummate volunteer leader, speaking to classes, hiring   dozens of CSUN students and serving on the college’s Advisory Board.    Jeff helped facilitate a major grant from the Ernst & Young Foundation   and took the lead in bringing the alumni of the firm together to pledge   $500,000 in support of the Accounting program.



Daniel Anderson

2007 College Recipients

1983 B.S. Finance
  College of Business and Economics
  Dan Anderson ’83 is Senior Manager of Santa Barbara Bank & Trust’s   Business Development and Client Services for the Southern Ventura and   Northern San Fernando Valley Region. Dan has remained active within the Cal   State Northridge community, participating as a guest speaker for both the MBA   and undergraduate programs, as a board member on the College of Business and   Economics Partners Program, as a Business Honors Case Competition judge, and   a member of the Alumni Association Board of Directors.  In his role with   the Alumni 




Roberta Colmer

2006 College Recipients

1970 B.S. Finance
  College of Business and Economics
  Roberta Colmer and her husband Wayne, have been active and supportive alumni   since their graduation in the 1970's, having served on several advisory   boards within the college. Roberta currently sites on both the Dean's Council   of Business Advisors and the advisory board for the Center for Real Estate.   Recently, the Colmers donated $75,000 to support the university's Volunteer   Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA). As a student, Roberta had the   distinction of being an original "Granny Girl" and fondly remembers   those special moments with 



Richard Schweitzer

2005 College Recipients

1987 B.S. Accounting
  College of Business and Economics
  Richard Schweitzer is the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer   for Metropolitan West Securities, an investment management firm specializing   in securities lending and short-term fixed asset management. He is a   Chartered Financial Analyst and a Certified Public Accountant in the State of   California and is a member of the Association for Investment Management and   the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Richard is a frequent   guest lecturer for the College of Business and Economics. He served as a   member of the Dean’s 



Michael Bessolo

2004 College Recipients

1980 B.S. Marketing
  College of Business and Economics
  Currently Michael serves as senior vice president for marketing, promotion   and publicity for 20th Century Fox Television. Prior to his time at Fox,   Michael served as Senior Vice President, Marketing for Walt Disney   Records.  He oversaw product management, marketing and promotion of all   Walt Disney Record album releases and storyteller product, and he was   responsible for coordinating the marketing efforts of Walt Disney Record’s   five international territories. After received both his bachelors and masters   degrees from CSUN in the early 1980’s.For 



Deborah Feldman

2003 College Recipients

1979 B.S. Marketing
  College of Business and Economics
  A partner in the law firm of Kulik, Gottesman & Mouton, LLP, Deborah has   dedicated a great deal of her spare time to the College of Business and   Economics. She is an active member of several college advisory boards   including the Dean’s Council, Family Business Center and Center for Real   Estate Outlook program and she has assisted with the coordination of the   Family Business Center programs in conjunction with the San Fernando Valley   Business Journal. She was recognized by the Journal as a “Woman Who Means   Business.”



Alan Meyer

2002 College Recipients

1968 B.S. Business Administration /  2001 Credential
  College of Business and Economics
  Upon retirement in 1993 as the president, founder and owner of Meyer Interest   Rate Survey, the larges interest rate advisory company of its kind in the   country, Alan returned to CSUN with his original student ID number from San   Fernando Valley State College in 1964 to earn his teaching credential.    He currently divides his time as a part-time instructor in the Department of   Finance, Real Estate and Insurance at CSUN and as an eight and ninth grade   math teacher at Viewpoint School in Calabasas.  Alan busily volunteers   at the university as a 

Program Volunteer Service Award

A wide variety of University programs have opportunities for volunteers to get involved and connect according to their interests, passions and hobbies. These programs present service awards to alumni and friends who volunteer their time and energy in support of their mission.



Chad Charton

2011 Program Award Recipients

2007 B.A. Business Administration
  Student Affairs

As   co-chairmen of the Matador Statue Fundraising Committee, Chad and Marcelo   worked for over two years to bring about the realization of a dream that   began at CSUN in 1990. Chad and Marcelo led the committee in identifying   donors during the silent phase of the campaign and soliciting contributions   when the public phase began.  To the credit of the committee, the statue   was funded entirely through private donations, exceeding their original   fundraising goal by over $50,000



Ronald Friendman

2011 Program Award Recipients

1971 B.A. Accounting
  The University Corporation
  Ron is a respected and successful Certified Public Accountant (CPA), who has   embraced his responsibility to “give back” to the community that nurtured   that success.  He has devoted time and energy to numerous organizations   including his alma mater, Cal State Northridge, where he earned a B.S. in   Accounting in 1971.
  The University Corporation has been fortunate to have Ron on its board, where   he has served since 2002 as one of three directors appointed by 



Bryan Green

2010 Program Award Recipients

1994 B.S. Marketing 
  Student Affairs
  Bryan is Founder and CEO of Advantage Fitness Products (AFP) in Culver   City.  He began his career in the health and fitness industry in   1991.  After receiving a Bachelors degree in Marketing in 1994 and   through his early work in the commercial fitness sector, he developed his   vision for AFP.  The company evolved as a single-source provider for   fitness facility design, supply, and service for facilities of all sizes and   profiles.  Bryan spearheads AFP’s commitment to improving our 



Christine Soderlund

2010 Program Award Recipients

1993 B.S. Organizational Systems   Management /  1999 MBA
  Alumni Association
  As president of the MBA Alumni Association (MBAA), Christine Soderlund has   partnered closely with the director of graduate programs in the College of   Business and Economics to plan and schedule notable and pertinent business   speakers, conduct resume workshops for students and
  alumni and communicate university and local industry information to   alumni.  Her diligent work with the MBAA and as the chapter liaison to 



Howard Hammer

2010 Program Award Recipients

1965 B.S. Accounting
  Alumni Association
  As a member of the CSUN Alumni Association since 1998, Howard Hammer has played   an active role in the organization and in his support of the   university.  Since the inception of alumni association scholarships in   2003, he has been a member of the selection committee, reading hundreds of   applications over the years as part of the process.    Hammer   attends the annual scholarship banquet where the recipients are   presented.  He said, “The importance of these scholarships, 




James Forsyth

2009 Program Award Recipients

1996 Economics
  Kevin and James have dedicated countless hours to support the Men’s Golf   Program at CSUN. For the past 10 years they have co-chaired the Ben Graham   Memorial Golf Tournament. This annual tournament has raised over $165,000   since its inception, supporting a scholarship in memory of alumnus Ben Graham   ‘79, a member of the Cal State Northridge golf team from 1975-1979, and a   three-time NCAA All-American. Ben died in 1985 at age 30. Kevin said that he   attributes his 



Gene Detchemendy

2008 Program Award Recipients

1984 B.S. Marketing
  The Division of University Advancement

Alumnus   Gene Detchemendy is recognized as one of CSUN’s most loyal and dedicated   alumni leaders. Gene is a university donor and assn. member.  He has   served as the Association’s president from 2004 to 2006 and as a member of   the CSUN Foundation Board of Directors during those same years. He continues   to serve on the Alumni Board, an affiliation that began in 1995. During his   presidency, the Association doubled its membership and realized over $700,000   in 



James Manny Johnson

2008 Program Award Recipients

2004 B.S. Marketing
  The Division of Student Affairs

Manny   was a former highly involved student and transitioned those leadership   experiences to become president of the NCOD Alumni Chapter.  In that   role, he introduced an e-newsletter, worked with NCOD to present a successful   Career Day involving 12 alumni panelists, hosted nearly a half dozen reunions   and other gatherings, and helped double the number of annual members and   triple the number of Lifetime Members.  In addition, he represented the   chapter on the Alumni Board 



Phil Minah

2007 Program Award Recipients

1976 B.S. Accounting
  University Advancement

Phil   Minah is immediate past President of the California State University,   Northridge Alumni Association.  During his tenure as President of the   Association, Phil’s leadership was instrumental in ensuring record numbers of   new members and soaring revenues for the Association.  He was also   instrumental in spearheading the Association’s Alumni Directory project which   helped the University correct thousands of addresses and added nearly 20,000   email addresses to its database



Dennis DeYoung

2006 Program Award Recipients

1987 B.S. Finance and Real Estate
  Student Affairs
  Dennis is an alumnus who has demonstrated in many ways his loyalty to Cal   State Northridge, and the university is most fortunate that Dennis’ office is   adjacent to campus on Reseda Boulevard.  A lifetime member of the Alumni   Association, Dennis’ involvements in the university are numerous and   diverse.  He has been a loyal supporter of Matador Athletics holding   season basketball tickets and serving as a game sponsor.  He is a   university donor, has attending and supported numerous cultural events and   has assisted the Alumni Association in 




John Golisch

2006 Program Award Recipients

1972 B.S. Business Administration
  University Advancement
  John is an alumnus who is recognized as one of the university’s most loyal   and dedicated supporters.  A Certified Public Accountant and partner   with BDO Seidman, LLP, John is a past president of the California State   University, Northridge Foundation having served as a Board member since   1985.  He has served on the Foundation’s development, finance,   investment and nominating committees.  John is a member of the College   of Business Administration and Economics Advisory Committee.  In 1990   the President’s Associates presented 



Sanford "Sandy" Paris

2004 Program Award Recipients

Friend of the University
  University Advancement
  Sandy Paris has had a long and active relationship with the College of   Business Administration and Economics that has included serving as guest   lecturer for real estate classes.  Paris, a developer of industrial   parks, is involved with many non-profits, serving on the boards of Tarzana   Regional Medical Center, L.A. Headquarters City Association, L.A. County   Library, Valley Industry & Commerce Association, California State Bar   Association, the San Fernando Valley Bar Association, and the Southwestern   Law School.  H received a B.S. in accounting from UCLA,