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Publication and Grant Awards

Nazarian College Faculty Publication Awards

2015-2016 Faculty Publication Awards

The Research and Grants Committee would like to announce the winners of the Faculty Publication Awards for the year 2015-2016:

Hoefer, R. L., & Green, Sandy E. (2016). "A Rhetorical Model of Institutional Decision Making: The Role of Rhetoric in the Formation and Change of Legitimacy Judgments." Academy of Management Review, 41(1), 130-150.

Huang, Dongling, & Luo, L. (2016). "Consumer Preference Elicitation of Complex Products Using Fuzzy Support Vector Machine Active Learning." Marketing Science, 35(3), 445-464.

Saunders, Kurt (2016) Intellectual Property Law: Legal Aspects of Innovation and Competition and its Accompanying Workbook, Practical and Writing Exercises in Intellectual Property Law.


Nazarian College Research Grants

Ardavan Asef-Vaziri
Mariam Beruchashvili
Wade Chumney
Hilary Goldberg
Rishma Vedd

Ardavan Asef-Vaziri
Akanksha Bedi
Ray Calnan
Rafi Efrat
Mu-Sheng Chang
Dongling Huang
Kent Hymel
Jun-Yeon Lee
Nora Moran
Sigalit Ronen
Melanie Williams