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The New Workplace Frontier: CSUN’s Innovation Conference Fosters Entrepreneurs

November 13, 2018

The New Workplace Frontier: CSUN’s Innovation Conference Fosters Entrepreneurs

Innovation is key to unlocking new systems, ideas and products. It is essential for all areas of business to thrive. To prepare its students for the workforce of the future, California State University, Northridge is fostering an environment for future innovators to thrive.

On Nov. 2, CSUN hosted its fifth semi-annual The Art of Innovation Conference to continue the university’s deep exploration of current and future trends of technology. Entrepreneurship, startups and tech are changing everything — including how we shop, how we get around, how we age, how we’re entertained and how we learn. The panel-style event included a broad range of entrepreneurs and business owners discussing these topics, including big data (large, complex data sets) and artificial intelligence (AI), as well as advancements in healthcare and transportation. Read more about the Art of Innovation conference here