David Nazarian College of Business and Economics

  • Bookstein Hall Su21 Hours

    Summer '21 In-Person Office Hours: 7/12-8/20

  • South Africa MR

    Inspiring Entrepreneurship in South Africa

  • Low Income Taxpayer Clinic Volunteer Wins Case Against IRS

    LITC Volunteer Wins Case Against IRS

  • Martin Hughes Accounting Scholarship

    Martin Hughes Creates Accounting Scholarship

  • VITA Clinic Volunteer Assisting Taxpayer

    Wells Fargo Continues to Support VITA Clinic

  • Business Analytics Major & Minor

    Introducing New Major & Minor in Business Analytics

  • MBA students working together

    Free Business Consulting Services

Nazarian College Standing Committees

Academic Technology Committee (ATC)


Eric Hu
Wade Chumney
Ken Ng
Siqi Wei
Wayne Smith
Amy Wen, Chair
Leily Farrokhvar

Ex-officio, non-voting members: Paul Lazarony (Associate Dean), Cathleen Fager (DFO)


Assurance of Learning and Accreditation (AoL)


Monica Gianni
Nina Golden
Glen Whitman 
Inga Timmerman
Julia Hoch
Qin Sun
Akash Gupta


Ray Calnan, AoL Director
Paul Lazarony, Associate Dean, Chair
Chandra Subramaniam, Dean

Business Honors


Jun Zhan
Hilary Silvia
Dennis Halcoussis
Jim Dow
Joanne Scillitoe
Nora Moran
Leily Farrokhvar

TBA, Student

Silvina Bamrungpong, BHP Director

Hilary Silvia, BHA Advisor

College Personnel Committee (CPC)


Rafi Efrat (Spring 2021 chair)
Wade Chumney
Jon Nadenichek
James Chong
Sandy Green (Fall 2020), Julia Hoch (Spring 2021)
David Ackerman (Fall 2020 chair)
Ardavan Asef-Vaziri

Curriculum Management and Policy (CMAP)


Pouyan Eslami
Nanci Carr
Dennis Halcoussis
Yanbo Jin
Phil Gorman, Chair
Dongling Huang
Kunpeng Li

Ray Calnan, AoL Director

Paul Lazarony, Associate Dean



Sung Wook Yoon
Ray Calnan
Leah Marcal
Mu-Sheng "Shane" Chang
Loren Naidoo, Chair
Maia Beruchahsvili
Amir Gharehgozli

Kristen Walker, MBA/GCBA Interim Director

Rafi Efrat, MST and MPAcc Director
Ray Calnan, AoL Director

Impact Journal Rankings Task Force


Paul Lazarony, Associate Dean, ex-officio member as Chair of the Assurance of Learning Commitee


Faculty Awards and Grants


Manuela Dantas
Stuart Pardau
Edward Kung
Vincent Covrig
Phil Gorman
Tina Kiesler, Chair
Jun-Yeon Lee



Cristina Rubino (term through 2021-22 AY)

Ning Fu (term through 2022-23 AY)

Inga Timmerman (term through 2022-23 AY)


Paul Lazarony, associate dean

Courtney McIntyre, executive director, Development and External Relations

Michelle Street, interim director, Student Services Center and EOP Satellite

Strategic Vision Committee

Chandra Subramaniam, Dean
Deb Heisley (2020)
Ron Cunanan (2020)
Ardavan Asef-Vaziri (2019)
Chair of SAC (2018)
Wendy Greuel
David Malone
Heather Briggs, Chair
Leyla Sade

Strategy Assurance Committee (SAC)

Sanjay Jain (2020)
Ardavan Asef-Vaziri (2020)
Wayne Smith (2019)
Sioneh Keshishian (2019)
Charissa Jefferson (2019)