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International Study Tour

What is the International Study Tour?

The International Study Tour was created to provide extraordinary opportunities for our students to discover other countries and cultures, and to venture outside their comfort zone. It prepares our students for the reality of a globalized business world, where the United States is part of a large network of international business connections.

It is important for our students to learn how to become globalization-savvy and be prepared for international careers. Even if they do not choose to work abroad, it is likely that at one point in their career, their company or organization will have international business operations or ties. In addition the professional benefits, the personal enrichment generated by the International Study Tour is also extremely valuable. It builds confidence, improves communication, broadens horizons and is an opportunity for our students to experience independence and responsibility. Furthermore, our students are able to connect with students from the local area and understand their culture and life.

The International Study Tour’s length is generally between 10 days and two weeks. It is organized by the Nazarian College, and financed in part by the students, but mostly by donations and grants. These trips encompass lectures about one or several disciplines, the opportunity to apply these disciplines to the context of the visited country, and cultural visits to places of interest. Students also go on business visits, which enable them to discover places that connect with the studied disciplines and illustrate the concepts. Case studies also contribute to the construction of knowledge about the country or about local companies or organizations. Free time is provided to the students for their own discovery of the country, under the supervision of faculty members from the Nazarian College.

The Nazarian College relies on partner universities to build these study tours where students can be hosted and benefit from the connection of these universities in the business world and their knowledge of cultural realities. Partners can also develop strong relationships with CSUN and the Nazarian College to collaborate on other activities and better accommodate visiting students.

This study tour is not credit-earning and can only accommodate 20 students.

Travel Dates

2019 - TBD


2019 - TBD

Study Tour Educational Content

2019 - TBD

Important Dates

2019 - TBD


2019 - TBD


2019 - TBD


  1. Must be majoring in any of the undergraduate degree programs of the Nazarian College at the time of the trip.
  2. Minimum overall grade point average of 2.7 and CSUN GPA of 2.0 at the time of applying.
  3. Completion at least of 60 units and Bus302/L at the time of the trip.
  4. Must have a passport valid for international travel.

*Note: Priority consideration will be given to applicants who have no prior international travel experience.


Application for 2019 International Study Tour is not yet available. 

The application process is online and the application form is available here.

This application includes personal, academic, and financial information, as well as an essay that describes the interest of the applicant for this study tour.

Participating students will be asked to attend meetings taking place before and after the trip (preparation and debrief). Additionally, participants are expected to contribute to the future internationalization efforts by sharing their trip experience through various formats of the marketing campaign which may include written reports, oral presentations, and attendance to study tour promotion events.

Passport & Visa

A travel visa issued by the Chinese government is required for visiting the country. The Nazarian College has contracted with a travel agency to help with visa application in early February. Participants who already have a passport need to check the expiration date. If the expiration date is before January 31, 2019, then the passport needs to be renewed before it can be submitted for visa application. Due to new regulations of the Chinese government, individuals born in any Middle-East country will need to obtain their visa in person at the Chinese General Consulate in Los Angeles.

Additional Information

The organizers and the student participants will follow a rigorous preparation schedule to ensure a safe, rewarding, and pleasant study tour full of learning, discovery, great memories, and fun.

Once students are approved for the trip, they will be enrolled in a class in Canvas. This class will have a webpage with all the necessary information and the Canvas functionalities of communication.