David Nazarian College of Business and Economics

  • Bookstein Hall Su21 Hours

    Fall '21 In-Person Office Hours

  • South Africa MR

    Inspiring Entrepreneurship in South Africa

  • Low Income Taxpayer Clinic Volunteer Wins Case Against IRS

    LITC Volunteer Wins Case Against IRS

  • Martin Hughes Accounting Scholarship

    Martin Hughes Creates Accounting Scholarship

  • VITA Clinic Volunteer Assisting Taxpayer

    Wells Fargo Continues to Support VITA Clinic

  • Business Analytics Major & Minor

    Introducing New Major & Minor in Business Analytics

  • MBA students working together

    Free Business Consulting Services

Excess Enrollment

Permission of the Associate Dean is required for all third (excess) enrollment in a course. After approval, and required 10 hours of tutoring, students can register to repeat the course as established in the Schedule of Classes and as space permits.


How to File Form:

  1. Download and save fillable forms to your device. Your data will not be saved if you complete the form in your web browser!
  2. Open the PDF file with either of these applications:
    – Adobe Reader™, available for free at CSUN IT Document Viewers, or
    – Adobe Acrobat Pro™, available for free at CSUN IT Software.
  3. Sign and date your form if required:
    – "Wet" signature: Print, sign and date the form. Then scan it to PDF.
    – If the form has a fillable student signature field, type your name and date and save the form. Close and reopen the saved file to ensure your changes are still there.
  4. Email the saved form to the reviewer/approver as an attachment from your CSUN Gmail account.
  5. Save a copy of your email and the completed form for your records.
  6. Always email forms from your CSUN Gmail account to request signatures (if required) and to submit the form (see table column 3 below).

Note: Avoid entering personal information on public computers and/or wireless access points.

Students can view the revised University repeat policy at http://www.csun.edu/senate/policies/undergrad_repeating_courses.pdf