David Nazarian College of Business and Economics

Don and Dee Ferrera Create Endowed Scholarship for Business Majors

Nazarian College alumnus Don Ferrera, ’91 (Accounting Theory and Practice), and his wife, Dee, have created the Don and Dee Ferrera Scholarship Endowment to provide an annual scholarship award to an aspiring student in the David Nazarian College of Business and Economics. 

Don characterizes CSUN as the door through which he stepped into a successful future and left his difficult past behind him. Grateful for the education and support Don received at CSUN, Don and Dee have created an endowed scholarship to provide support and assistance to a student who did not have the benefit and security of a stable home or custodial parents. 

Recognizing the challenges and hardship home instability present to a student who wants to maintain a focus on education and pursue a college degree, Don and Dee wanted to support and encourage that ambition with the creation of the Don and Dee Ferrera Endowed Scholarship.

“We are so happy to be able to help a deserving student who is facing challenges head-on to find success at CSUN,” said Don. “We have learned that, yes, adversity builds character and if you seek to exhibit that character through a dedication to hard work and kindness, you will then be able to build anything you want. “ 

About the Ferreras

Don Ferrera, ’91 (Accounting Theory and Practice), and Deanna “Dee” Yee Ferrera were high school sweethearts before starting their college education at CSUN.  Don was in foster care most of his youth, living in multiple temporary homes before starting college. He worked to support himself while a student at CSUN. Dee opted to suspend her CSUN college education and worked full-time as a legal assistant to help support them so Don could complete his education. When Don began his last semester at CSUN, he quit work to focus on studying for the CPA exam and Dee took on additional work to support both of them. Upon graduation, Don began his accounting career at Ernst & Young, eventually rising to his current position of Partner in EY’s Global Biotechnology practice.  Don and Dee were married in 1993 and have two children, Natalie and Haley.