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CONGRATULATIONS to Adrian Ek who received two scholarships for the 2021 academic year.
Adrian received the Dean's Scholarship to recognize students of excellence, both in terms of life experiences and academics and the Carande Family Scholarship will provide scholarship support to students who are identified as coming from traditionally underserved populations.


CONGRATULATIONS to Daniel (Danny) Bustos who has been selected as this year's CSUN’s Wolfson Award recipient!
Danny shared that he is humbled to be chosen as CSUN's Wolfson Scholar for the Class of 2021. He said that the Business Honors Program has been a great resource in providing opportunities and mentorship and that he is very appreciative to have been involved in such a strong and supportive organization. He looks forward to remaining involved as an alumnus and working to provide additional opportunities to the next generation of Business Honors Program students and graduates.
To be a Wolfson Scholar, a CSUN student must have an exceptional academic record, and have made a significant contribution to the University and community. The selection is based on each dean identifying one student from their college who epitomizes a Wolfson Scholar. The selection is made by a vote of all College deans and Provost Council.
This is a rare award that is only given to onegraduating student. The Nazarian College has not had a Wolfson Scholar since 2006. Thank you Danny for breaking this long awaited pause! Danny was recognized at the 2021 CSUN University Commencement Ceremony for Outstanding Senior. You can view his recognition via the YouTube video here.  He is shown at the 1:07:32 time-stamp. 
Danny will also be recognized as an Outstanding Senior along with other peers at our 2021 Commencement celebration ceremony by the Nazarian College.
Danny is a shining example for all current and future Business Honors Program students. We wish Danny all the best in his professional endeavors!




CONGRATULATIONS, to Business Honors Program student, Aditi Dwivedi!

Aditi was recognized at the 2021 CSUN University Commencement Ceremony for Outstanding Senior. You can view her recognition via the YouTube video here.  She is shown at the 1:00:30 time-stamp. 
Aditi will also be recognized as an Outstanding Senior along with other peers at our 2021 Commencement celebration ceremony by the Nazarian College.



CONGRATULATIONS to Jonathan Hay, Elline Deogracias, and Justin Tolchinksky who will serve for the 2021-2022 year.I know they will bring forth their best selves in their new cabinet positions!
Elline and Justin share their thoughts in this brief video.
Jonathan shared his thoughts: "As the business senator, I have learned how unique our college is and how much we offer to the university. I have grown a lot, heard so many inspiring stories about students, and understand what it means to represent our college. My time as a senator has been so rewarding. I realized the importance of giving back and helping those who are less fortunate than I am. That is why I decided to run for president. I am truly honored to be elected into this position and promise to advocate for each of you no matter what. Thank you all who believed in me and look forward to working with all of you!”
About the Senate
The student-elected representatives that make up the senate are the legislative arm of AS Student Government and serve as the official voice of CSUN students. The senate also serves as the board of directors for the AS corporation and advocates for students in a variety of other capacities within the campus community.
The senate is composed of 24 voting members — two lower division students, two upper division students, two graduate students and two elected from each of the eight colleges along with the vice president and president (who serves as the chair).
Members of the senate have the opportunity to develop skills in parliamentary procedure, goal setting, communications, group processing, multiculturalism, decision making and critical analysis.
Serving on the senate enables students to apply what they learn in the classroom to real-life situations. They gain a more thorough understanding of fiscal issues, personnel matters, marketing and public relations.
In sum, members of the senate:
  • Serve as one of the 24 students representing a student body of more than 38,000
  • Gain valuable leadership experience
  • Initiate and approve policy and legislation
  • Preside over a multi-million dollar operating budget
  • Serve on committees that affect change on campus
  • Network with people from various backgrounds
  • Work with faculty and campus administrators
You may view the election results may be viewed here.
Nazarian College article may be viewed here



CONGRATULATIONS, to Business Honors Program student, Jessica Puzon!
Jessica will be our 2021 Nazarian College Commencement speaker!
Jessica will also be recognized as an Outstanding Senior along with other peers at our 2021 Commencement celebration ceremony by the Nazarian College.
Jessica adds to these honors by also being selected as the recipient of a Marketing Department Scholarship.




CONGRATULATIONS, to Business Honors Program student, Justin Tolchinsky!
Justin is the recipient of the 2021 Business Honors Thomas Bloch scholarship!
The David Nazarian College of Business and Economics Business Honors Program offers the Thomas C. Bloch Endowed Scholarship. This scholarship opportunity recognizes a Business Honors student.
This scholarship is open to matriculated continuing CSUN Freshmen students accepted into the Business Honors Program and pursuing a major within the David Nazarian College of Business and Economics.
Justin adds to this honor by also being selected to receive the Noski Family Scholarship.



CONGRATULATIONS, to Business Honors Program student, Aramazd Demirkhanyan!
Aram will also be recognized as an Outstanding Senior along with other peers at our 2021 Commencement celebration ceremony by the Nazarian College.




Business Honors students at California State University, Northridge’s (CSUN) David Nazarian College of Business and Economics placed first in the Comprehensive Project of the Year, the largest and most competitive category, at the 2021 Small Business Institute Competition and Conference, held virtually from February 25-26. The team's client report was completed for Stevie Howell, LLC

Nazarian College Business Honors Students Place First at 2021 SBI Conference



On March 25, 2021, Elline Deogracias presented her research for CSU Chico's This Way to Sustainability Conference.

Funded by the Institute for Sustainability's Faculty Innovation Grant, this presentation will feature the following speakers from CSU Northridge: 

  • Elline Deogracias (Student Research Assistant, Institute for Sustainability)
  • Tracie Tung, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor, Family and Consumer Sciences)
  • Natale Zappia, Ph.D. (Director, Institute for Sustainability, Professor, Department of History) 

The research focuses on corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities in sustainable fashion. We have developed a matrix that clearly identifies which activities constitute CSR, including the stages of business operations in which they occur. Although research is still in progress, we hope that this matrix will serve the following purposes: 

  • Provide existing companies with a self-assessment tool
  • Encourage emerging companies to use the matrix as a guideline to implement CSR practices
  • Help consumers better understand CSR activities
  • Identify specific areas of opportunities in CSR practices in business operations

Track: Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Supply Chain

Event Information: "CSU Chico's This Way to Sustainability (TWTS) Conference is a nationally recognized, student-run conference focused on challenges, ideas, solutions, and resiliency for a more sustainable future—the largest student-run sustainability conference in North America. The conference hosts 1,400 participants each year with a variety of respected professionals, faculty, and students speaking on the many aspects of sustainability. The goal of the conference is to educate a wide audience on ways to create a more sustainable future along with providing attendees with an opportunity to network, discuss, and become more aware of pertinent environmental and social issues we all face in this changing world."


Congratulations to our Business Honors Student, Jessica Puzon!

Jessica accepted a position at MuteSix. In her new position, Jessica will serve as MuteSix’s search coordinator. Her duties will include developing strategies for paid search campaigns, creating marketing materials for Google’s different platforms, and collaborating with different teams to optimize marketing strategies.



Winning team members: Jenna Flynn and Vanessa Arriaza (pictured), and Angeline Gomez, and Alexander Brankovic by assisting their BHP Capstone client World Empanadas from Burbank, CA -- Also pictured, Dr. Deborah Cours (Asst. VP Academic Undergraduate Programs), Dr. Silvina Bamrungpong (Business Honors Program Director), and Dr. Drew Foley, BHP Capstone Professor

CSUN Business Honors Program students place FIRST in the Consulting Project of the Year at the 2020 Small Business Institute National Competition and Conference, held in New Orleans, LA.


Congratulations, to our Business Honors Program student, Jonathan Hay! 

Associated Students Senator Jonathan Hay spearheaded the effort to pass the AS Senate bill denouncing anti-Semitism. See the link to the full article below. 

Associated Students Passes Senate Bill to Condemn Anti-Semitism on Campus


Congratulations, to our Business Honors Program student, Faiza Rahman!

Faiza is a first-generation Bengali-Muslim American, born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. Faiza began a small business called Fresh by Fai and was featured in VoyageLA about her story. See the link to the full article below. 

Life and Work with Faiza Rahman.



Exposing students to new cultures broadens their view of the world.

Business Honors Student, Hayden Warlick visits China.