Pipeline Partner: Pasadena City College


  1. Jared Ashcroft, Chemistry & Brandon Rodriguez, NASA JPL
  2. Veronica Jaramillo, Professor of Chemistry
  3. Juan Leon, Professor of Mathematics & Computer Science
  4. Michael Vendrasco, Professor of Geology
  5. Miriam Hartman, Professor of Natural Sciences



Melissa Aros
Isabel Breuer
Elwin Cheung
Tiarni Chu
Marim El-Karim
Hayk Hakopian
Marah Hasan
Daisy Herrera
Natalie Herrera-Delfin
Akemi Hinzer
Christina Lee
Vanessa Lin
Daisy Lopez
Lily Ma
Nay Chi Phyo Phyo Naing
Yarenni Reyes Medina


Isabel Bojanini
Jamie Prudencio
Melanie Hacopian
Vanessa Wolf
Cong Pan
Svetlana Timberlake



Faculty Mentors: Ashcroft, JM, Jamarillo, V
Student Trainees: Isabel Bonjanini, Melanie Hacopian, Vanessa Wolf
Training period: 2017-2018

Publications titles:
1. Ashcroft, JM, Minn, A, Bonjanini, I, Hacopian, M, Schroeder, K, Camak, AO, Rodriguez, B. (2018). Cultivating Mars: A Problem-Based Learning Lab Designing an Oxygen-Rich Environment on the Red Planet. J Laboratory Chemical Education.
2. Ashcroft, JM, Rodriguez, B, Bonjanini, I, Minn, M, Hacopian, M. (2017). Determination of Percent Oxygen in Air.
3. Rodriguez, B, Jaramillo, V, Wolf V, Bautista, E, Portillo, J, Brouke, A, et al. (2018). Contextualizing Technology in the Classroom Remote Access: Using Space Exploration Themes and Scanning Electron Microscopy as Tools to Promote Engagement in Geology/Chemistry Experiments. Journal of Technology and Science Education, Vol. 8, No.1


Faculty Mentors: Ashcroft, JM, Jamarillo, V
Student Trainees: Esteban Bautista, Jennifer Portillo
Training period: 2016-2017

Publication Titles:
Ashcroft, J, Cakmak, A, Blatti, J, Bautista, E, Wolf, V, Monge, F, et al. (March 2018). It’s RAINing: Remotely Accessible Instruments in Nanotechnology to Promote Student Success.        Current Issues in Emerging eLearning Vol. 4, Iss. 1, Article 4.
Rodriguez, B, Ashcroft, J, Cakmak, A.O, Blatti, J, Bautista, E, Wolf, V, et al. (April 2018). Bridging the Gap Between “Rocks for Jocks” and the Mars Sample Return Program. Science Scope.