Over 70 BUILD PODER Students Present at CSUNposium

April 6, 2018

Over 70 BUILD PODER students will present at the 2018 CSUNposium on Friday, April 6, with a total of 67 oral and poster presentations. The research symposium takes place at the CSUN USU from 8:30am-4pm. View the CSUNposium schedule at a glance.

ORAL PRESENTATIONS — Anna Cho, Gabriela Jimenez, Kevin Torres, Mehrnaz Siavoshi, Roxana Lesso, Sara Shatela, Vanessa Wolf, Andrea Canahui, Sayuri Pacheco, Federico Prokopczuk, Lindsay Kutscher, Natasha Carlson, Jessica Yamauchi, Bryan Sanchez, Gregory Sanchez, Aileen Kangavary, Alejandro Macias, Allan Garcia, Allea Cauilan, Andrezonae Johnson, Bordin Endinjok, Michael Salazar.

POSTER PRESENTATIONS — Carina Ortega, Chiemelie Onyekonwu, Christian Sanchez, Christine Boktor, Cong Pan, Cristine Partridge, Daniel Gomez, Sonia Avila, Destinee Maldonado, Diana Ramirez, Erick Perez, Erik Bravo, Erik Serrano, Esteban Bautista, Evelyn Santana, Fatima Hussain, Gabriela Villareal, Gabriella Hinojosa, Isabel Bojanini
Jamie Michelle Prudencio, Jared Zak Peet, Jennifer Portillo, Jenny Moran, Jesus Abarca, Jose Martinez, Kelly Mendez, Kostantina Orselli, Lannah Abasi, Mai Spaulding, Maria Yera, Mary Antikyan, Sasha Machulsky, David Ohana, Donara Ter-Mkrtchyan, Merlin Naranjo, Michelle Alcantara, Ohannes Guerbidjian, Omar Ullah, Paul Rodriguez, Priya Kumar, Rabia Billoo, Rafeef Khleif, Rita Ngaka, Sarah Arce, Sarai Alaniz, Steven Meza, Valentin Morales, Victoria Villagomez, Yessenia Escobar, & Yvette Lugo.

Presentation Details

Aileen Kangavary
Undergraduate, Department of Psychology
Faculty Mentor: Stefanie Drew
Abstract Title: An Evaluation of the Effects of English Second Language Status on Overt Attention to Different Word Classes During a Continuous Reading Task
All Authors: Aileen Kangavary and Daniel Larranaga

Alejandro Macias
Undergraduate, Department of Biology
Faculty Mentor: Rheem Medh
Abstract Title: Gene Regulatory Pathways that Modulate Response to Dexamethasone and Daunorubicin in Breast Cancer Cell Lines
All Authors: Alejandro Macias and Rheem Medh

Allan Garcia
Undergraduate, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Vidya Nandikolla
Abstract Title: Experimental Study of Human Foot Stress Distribution
All Authors: Vidya Nandikolla, Robin Bochen, Steven Meza, and Allan Garcia

Allea Caulian
Undergraduate, Department of Biology
Faculty Mentor: Cristian Ruiz Rueda
Abstract Title: Role of the AcrAB-TolC Multidrug Efflux Pump in Balancing the Gluconeogenesis Pathway
All Authors: Kenny Loais, Sachi Shah, Karen Ramos and Allea Cauilan

Andrea Canahui
Undergraduate, Department of Biology
Faculty Mentor: Jonathan Kelber
Abstract Title: ITGA1 May be Required for Protection against ER Stress Induced Cell Death
All Authors: Andrea Canahui, Sa La Kim, Jonathan Kelber

Andrezonae Johnson
Undergraduate, Department of Family and Consumer Sciences
Faculty Mentor: Rheen Medh
Abstract Title: Promoting Organic Cancer Treatment with Fruits and Plants

Anna Cho
Undergraduate, Department of Child and Adolescent Development
Faculty Mentor: Shu-Sha Angie Guan
Abstract Title: Social support and stigma surrounding disability among young adults from diverse backgrounds
All Authors: Anna Cho, Shu-Sha Angie Guan

Bordin Endinjok and Michael Salazar
Undergraduate, Department of Kinesiology
Faculty Mentor: Teri Todd
Abstract Title: Comparison of Running in College Students with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
All Authors: Bordin Endinjok; Michael Salazar; Danielle Jarvis, PhD; Melissa Mache, PhD; and Teri Todd, PhD

Bryan Sanchez
Undergraduate, Department of Biology
Faculty Mentor: Ray Hong
Abstract Title: Characterization of P. Pacificus mutant strain Ppa-Obi-1 through Pharmacology

Carina Ortega
Undergraduate, Department of Kinesiology
Faculty Mentor: Sean Flanagan
Abstract Title: Coordination Patterns of the Lower Extremity Joints during Lifting Tasks
All Authors: Carina Ortega, Geovanny Aguirre, Desiree Dolirenzo, Sean Flanagan

Chiemelie Onyekownu 
Undergraduate, Department of Biology
Faculty Mentor: Virginia Huynh
Abstract Title: Examining the Relationship Between Accent Discrimination and Stress in College Students
All Authors: Chiemelie Onyekonwu, Mary-Patricia Stein (Ph.D), Que-Lam Huynh (Ph.D), Virginia Huynh (Ph.D)

Christian Sanchez
Undergraduate, Department of Biology
Faculty Mentor: Mariano Loza-Coll
Abstract Title: Effects of Reproductive Isolation on Intestinal Stem Cells of D. melanogaster
All Authors: Mariano Loza-Coll (Ph.D), Christian Sanchez, Sahar Khalili

Christine Boktor, Daniel Padilla and Meital Aulker
Undergraduate, Department of Kinesiology
Faculty Mentor: Sean Flanagan
Abstract Title: Prescribed Squat vs Preferred Squat
All Authors: Christine Boktor, Daniel Padilla and Meital Aulker