Border Studies


The Border Studies Collection is comprised of oral histories, photography and organizational records. Click below to visit a collection.

Julián Cardona (1960- )

The collection from Photojournalist Julián Cardona consists of over 17,000 images. Cardona’s work is internationally recognized, documenting transnational economic violence in Mexico, the resulting exodus of Mexican communities, and the emergence of the new Americans in the United States. Cardona’s work focuses on immigrants, the violence in the border cities and the economic violence that has engulfed the region. The Institute is working with the Oviatt Library to make these images available online.

*Border security; Border wall; Cicuda Juárez; Crime scenes; Death houses; Disappeared Girls; Executions; Funerals; Human rights; Hurricane Katrina; Immigrants; Journalists; Maquiladoras; Mexico; NAFTA; Nightclubs; Police; Politicians; Protests; Social conditions; Soldiers; Street art; Street life; Valle de Juárez; Victims; Violence; War of Drugs

Oral Histories

There are over 3 dozen oral histories and the collection is growing as we continue to conduct interviews. Projects include interviews with Journalists, members of 
Mexicans in Exile (Mexicanos en Exilio)
 and Community Organization Leaders.