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  • 2019 Vita Annual Report

Vita Clinic 2019 Annual Report

Rafi Efrat, Director, CSUN VITA Clinic

Rafi Efrat, Director, CSUN VITA Clinic

Celebrating its 49th year, the CSUN VITA Clinic once again broke records. Powered by a record 514 volunteers, the CSUN VITA Clinic provided free tax preparation to over 8,700 low-income taxpayers in Los Angeles County. In all, we have helped taxpayers claim more than $10 million in tax refunds and $4.8 million in tax credits, and saved them over $1.8 million in tax preparation fees. The CSUN VITA Clinic site was ranked in 2019 as the No. 1 VITA site in Southern California (among 398 sites) and No. 2 in California among over 900 sites. Among academic institutions, CSUN VITA Clinic ranked once again as the largest in California (among 109 sites).

This year the CSUN VITA Clinic expanded its reach beyond the San Fernando Valley to 22 sites. From Jan. 28 through April 15, dedicated volunteers were available six days per week and up to 12 hours per day. Jointly, our volunteers invested more than 24,000 hours of service during this tax season, up more than 3,700 hours over last year. This year we embarked on the exciting CSU5 Plus VITA Collaboration, providing the impetus to jointly serve over 14,000 taxpayers with the support of 850 student volunteers across the 11-campus collaborative. Read More


CSUN VITA Clinic by the Numbers

CSUN VITA is Growing: Number of Volunteers

Infograph on volunteers of the vita clinic 2019

Volunteer Service Hours Rendered: 2019

2019 infographic on volunteers

CSUN VITA is Growing: Federal Tax Returns Prepared

2019 infograhic on taxes prepared

Federal Tax Returns Prepared by Neighborhood

taxes prepared for the 2019 tax season



Rafi Efrat, Director, CSUN VITA Clinic

Harriet and Harvey Bookstein with Rafi Efrat (center), director of the CSUN VITA Clinic.



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