Bookstein Institute

  • 2020 VITA Annual Report

Reactions to Bookstein Institute Services


Red Line

“Great service provided by CSUN and their students. The assistance the students put in to make sure you get the refund you deserve is impeccable. The students are respectful, knowledgeable, and professional. This program is a win-win, you are able to get your taxes done for free, while helping a student gain experience in their field of expertise.”
Stephanie G.

“This program is great! In fact, a godsend for me... I’ve been out of work in this pandemic and struggling to make ends meet and haven’t been able to aford filing my taxes. A rep contacted me at my scheduled time and made the process fairly seamless. He was great, friendly and helpful.”
Nic M.

“I especially want to thank them this year for going above and beyond during a fullon pandemic, for allowing me to file before the July deadline through their virtual services. The volunteer was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and courteous! Thank you all so much for providing this service for free!”
Montse G.


Red Line

“This is my first season volunteering for VITA, and it has been a great learning experience for me. I am thankful that I had such an amazing opportunity to take advantage of. Being able to help people made this a very rewarding experience. I love that I got to meet so many interesting people from fellow volunteers to clients and learn more about their stories.”
Gohar Hayrapetyan, Preparer

“Serving VITA for the past two tax seasons has been an incredible learning experience. Working with various clients has given me more insight into our community, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to help so many people.”
Austin Shim, Supervisor

“This is my first season volunteering for VITA, and my experience has been very positive. I appreciate that I have a glance at the tax service line, and I have an opportunity to improve my customer service skills and help low-income taxpayers at the same time. Also, VITA helps me to enhance my communication skills, and the program looks great on the resume.”
Michael Volodarskiy, Preparer

Reflection From CSUN Vita Clinic Faculty

Red Line
Professor Lucy Nalbandian

“The 2020 tax season started strong with enthusiastic students who were excited to help the community. When all tax return preparation services came to a sudden halt, the VITA Coordinator, Anna Hakopian, and her team of outstanding Operation Supervisors, created an efcient ‘Virtual VITA’ model, to continue ofering gratuitous tax preparation services to individuals that could not go anywhere else. I am continually amazed and impressed by our students’ motivation to learn, excel and graciously serve taxpayers.”
Professor Lucy Nalbandian, CSUN VITA Clinic Faculty