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International Student Receives Offer at Leading Accounting Firm

Sagar KiritSagar Kirit, 24, knew the CSUN M.S. in Taxation Program would be the perfect choice from the moment he began researching grad schools. The outstanding reputation it has built in the industry along with the faculty of highly qualified tax professionals led Kirit to pursue a higher education in taxation. His decision has proved to be rewarding, as he prepares to take on an internship in Spring 2012 that will turn into a full time position after graduation at one of the world renowned “Big 4” accounting firms, Deloitte Touche.

“I definitely owe my job to this program,” said Kirit. Throughout the program, Kirit gained a wealth of experience serving as a tax clinician for the Bookstein Tax Clinic,

providing federal tax controversy resolution, or tax dispute service to low-income taxpayers in the Los Angeles area. In addition to this experience, Kirit also works as the Assistant Program Coordinator for Bookstein, handling the paperwork in the office located in Juniper Hall. His daily tasks include contacting clients and interacting with the IRS.

“I think it’s great that we have this tax clinic because it offers a way to do community service by using the skills and knowledge learned in the program to help low income people. We are applying our full extent of knowledge to help those in need,” Kirit said. “It’s great for students like me who need the practical experience, and for those who are already in the field and looking to improve their skills.”

Working with Bookstein Institute in the M.S. in Tax program has given Kirit the edge that set him apart from the 13 other students interning in the International Tax Department during his internship with Deloitte. He implemented many of the concepts learned in classes throughout his time at Deloitte, which was very well received by his supervisors. Kirit showed a deeper knowledge of taxation, which led to a second internship offer and a full-time job offer after he graduates in Spring 2012.

Kirit knows the value of making connections and expanding his network. An international student from Panama, Kirit came to the United States in Fall 2005 where he studied at City College of San Francisco and transferred to CSUN in the accounting program, graduating with a Bachelors degree in accounting in Spring 2010. With the program’s faculty and students consisting primarily of professionals from various parts of the industry, Kirit has built beneficial relationships and gained a rich and diverse perspective within his curriculum. This diversity is what Kirit says gave him the push he needs to be successful in a career in accounting.

The M.S. in Tax Program is offered in a unique format, with cohorts of approximately 30 students participating in accelerated evening and weekend courses. The 18-month program is structured with mid-career tax professionals in mind, providing ample semester breaks during busy tax filing periods.

“At the beginning of the program, I wasn’t sure if I had the knowledge to excel because of my lack of professional experience, but I learned not only from the professor, but from the students as well,” he said.