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2014 Newsletter

2014 Newsletter

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Faced with an Enormous Challenge, Adam Ohnstad Joins the MST with Scholarships

Graduate Student, Adam Ohnstad was awarded the Dale M. Schoettler Scholarship and the Bookstein Institute for Higher Education in Taxation Scholarship due to his academic achievement and perseverance. Read More.

Bookstein Tax Clinic’s Supervisor Makes a Difference in the Lives of Others

26-year-old graduate student, Jonathan McCormick serves as a case supervisor for the Bookstein Tax Clinic. As a supervisor, McCormick oversees various clinicians as he offers input and advice. Read More.

Featured Faculty- Karen Ritchie, CPA MBT

Adjunct professor, Karen Ritchie is no stranger to tax. She has worked in the tax field for over 20 years, but is relatively new to the CSUN community. In her first year as a professor in the Masters of Science and Taxation program... Read More.

Outstanding Student of the Year Award- Amy Schuck

In June 2014, the Tax Executive Institute recognized Amy Schuck as the “Outstanding Student of Year”, and awarded her a $2000 scholarship for earning the highest GPA in her graduating class of 2014. Read More.

Clinic Helps Low-Income Taxpayers Navigate the IRS Maze

Americans fear few things more than the Internal Revenue Service. Immigrants face even greater fear and confusion when confronting challenges with the IRS, as they strive to navigate a confusing tax code in their new country. Read More.