Annual Report Focuses on Top Tech Trends in Higher Ed: Tablet Computers and MOOCs

Tablet computing and MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses) have topped the list of  hot topics of the 2013 NMC Horizon Report, which identifies emerging technologies that will impact higher education in the coming year and beyond.

The report indicates that in the next year tablet computing “will see widespread adoption in higher education.” This news is well-timed for CSUN. Just last month at the faculty retreat, CSUN President Dianne F. Harrison introduced a potential Apple initiative that could provide opportunities for faculty and staff to use iPads in the classroom.

The report also details the challenges in higher education when adopting and integrating new technology. The lack of faculty training and the need for digital media literacy are some of the issues discussed.

The Horizon Report also highlights games and gamification and learning analytics as technologies to expect in the next two to three years while 3D-printing and wearable technology will emerge in four to five years.

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