Business Law

Recent Faculty Publications


Carr, N. (in press). Improve Student Success with Guided Use of Technology. ALSB Journal of Business Law & Ethics Pedagogy (a college impact journal).

Carr, N. (2018). How Five Gears for Activating Learning Guide Use of Technology. Faculty Focus, Best of MTWT Special Report (Magna Teaching with Technology Conference) (non-referred).

Chumney, W. M., Wasieleski, D., Schumacher, G. (2017). The Conflict between Intellectual Property Protection and Innovation: Introducing a Duality Model for Ethical Innovation. Business & Society Review ( a college impact journal).

Silvia, H. M., Carr, N. K., Silvia, P. J. (2018). Stealing Time: The Propriety of Alleging Common Law Conversion in Modern Wage Theft Lawsuits. Journal of Law and Commerce/University of Pittsburgh, 36 (No. 1), 1-22.

Silvia, H. (in press). Disclosing the Inevitable- Reconciling the Varied Requirements For The Disclosure Of Death On Real Property. Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics & Public Policy.

Golden, N. (2017). Could You Repeat the Question?  How Media Distractions Detract From Learning and a Courteous Classroom Environment. Atlantic Law Journal, 19 (Summer),

Pardau, S. Good Intentions on the Road to Regulatory Hell: How the TCPA Went from Consumer Protection Statute to Litigation NIghtmare, University of Illinois; Journal of Law, Technology and Policy (forthcoming). 

Saunders, K., Lozano, M. A. (2018). More Than an Academic Question: Defining Student Ownership of Intellectual Property Rights. FORDHAM INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT LAW JOURNAL, 18, 175-232 (a college impact journal) (NB: this was co-written with student M. Lozano).

Saunders, K., Evans, M. (2017). A Review of State Criminal Trade Secret Theft Statutes. UCLA Journal of Law & Technology, 21(2), (a college impact journal).

Saunders, K., Evans, M. (in press). Criminal Trade Secret Theft Cases Against Judgment Proof Defendants in Texas and California. William & Mary University Business Law Review, 10 (a college impact journal).

Saunders, K., Golden, N. (in press). Skill or Secret?: The Line Between Employer Trade Secrets and Employee General Skill and Knowledge. New York University Journal of Law & Business, 15 (a college impact journal).

Williams, M. S. (2018). Using Ethos, Pathos & Logos in Teaching Business, Ethics and Negotiation. ALSB Journal of Business Law and Ethics Pedagogy, 1, (a college impact journal).

Williams, M. (in press). Masters of the Universe: Bid Rigging by Private Equity Firms in Multibillion Dollar LBOs. University of Cincinnati Law Review.

Updated: 9/17