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NEW! Business Law Professor Nanci Carr Publishes two Articles.

October 7, 2019

Business Law Professor Nanci Carr has two recent publications.  Her article, entitled Am I My Brother’s Keeper?  How Technology Necessitates Reform of the Lack of Duty to Rescue or Duty to Report Laws in the United States, was published in volume 2 of the Boston University Public Interest Law Journal (2019).  The article, which was co-authored with Professors Sharon Yamen of Western Connecticut State University and Aaron Bartholomew of Utah Valley University, examines whether our readily accessible cell phones should heighten our duty to rescue when someone is in need.  Instead of recording a crime and posting it on social media, Professor Carr suggests there should be a duty to first call 911.

Professor Carr’s second article, “#SP” or “Thanks [Brand]” is not Enough: FTC Guides for Social Media Influencers on Endorsements and Testimonials, was published in volume 9 of the Wake Forest Law Review Online (2019).  With 40% of advertising budgets allotted for online advertising, the article examines an advertiser’s and influencer’s obligation to state that a post is a paid endorsement.  The article is available at: