Business Law

BLAW Gateway topics

April 3, 2014

Gateway topics, effective Fall, 2015: 

  1. Understand the legal environment: the distinctions between or among substantive and procedural law; criminal and civil law; statutory, regulatory, constitutional and case law; state and federal law. Understand the role of jurisdiction, the courts and alternative dispute resolution.
  2. Understand performance, remedies, and promissory estoppel/quasi-contract. Understand the difference between compensatory and punitive damages; understand equitable relief such as specific performance and injunction.
  3. Understand intentional torts and the difference between intentional tort liability and strict liability, including products liability.
  4. Understand negligence, including the circumstances under which a duty would be owed in a negligence case.
  5. Understand negligence, including the distinction between actual and proximate cause.
  6. Contract law: Understand offer, including the applicability of the UCC
  7. Contract law: Understand acceptance
  8. Contract law: Understand consideration
  9. Contracts: Understand the reality of consent, including misrepresentation, fraud, mistake, duress and undue influence and their effect on the enforceability of a contract
  10. Contracts: Understand capacity, legality, Statute of Frauds, and the rights of third parties