Business Law

Business Law Course Rotation

CourseSpring 2021Fall 2021Spring 2022Fall 2022Spring 2023
BLAW 280 Business Law IXXXXX
BLAW 308 Business Law IIXXXXX
BLAW 368 Business Ethics & ValuesXXXXX
BLAW 370 Corporate Social ResponsibilityX X X
BLAW 372 Ethical and Legal Aspects of Managing Technology X X 
BLAW 374 Business Ethics: Personal Decision Making for Success in BusinessX X X
BLAW 391 Women and the Law X X X
BLAW 409 Wills, Estates and Trust X X 
BLAW 428 International Business LawX X X
BLAW 430 Marketing LawX X X
BLAW 450 Intellectual Property Law X X 
BLAW 451 Entertainment Business LawX X X
BLAW 453 NegotiationXXXXX
BLAW 480 Commercial Transactions Law X X 
BLAW 481 Real Estate LawXXXXX
BLAW 485 Labor and Employment Law X X 
BLAW 495 Advanced Topics in Business LawX X  X
BLAW 508 Business Law (MBA only) X X 

All Real Estate courses (RE 412, RE 414, RE 416, RE 418, RE 420) are offered every semester.