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Black House

About the Black House

Our History

The Black House came into existence in the 1990's when African American students appealed to the CSUN administration a place that would “further the development of African Americans, by African Americans.” The Black House was utilized for study sessions, reading, group discussions, lectures by prominent activists, and most of all, as a place where Black students could go build a community on campus. To the students of the 60s and the 70s, the house was sacred, a symbol of their struggle and their sacrifice; a place where they could strategize for future actions. The purpose of the Black House was to demonstrate the richness, vibrancy, diversity, and vitality of African, African American, and Caribbean cultures. The Black House mission was achieved through teaching about the Pan African World Experience and presenting students and the community with an Afrocentric analysis of the economic, political, and social history of people of African descent.

The CSUN Black House is a crucial student resource to our campus and outside community. The Black House mission is to foster student learning and achievement by celebrating the Black and African American culture. The Black House provides students with a plethora of resources that enhance their undergraduate experience. Furthermore, the resources and services offered at the Black House facilitate student success and aim to increase retention and graduation rates. Resources and services include tutoring services, internship opportunities, community workshops, lectures, and screening spaces.