Black Scholars Matter

Engagement Opportunities

Part of embracing the BSM mindset involves engaging in the community. When we radiate positivity it reflects back to us!

Selected scholars are required to fulfill 10 hours of community engagement each semester once enrolled.


Offered Engagement Opportunities


Artistic Engagement

Art is beneficial for the community as a whole. BSM encourages scholars to let their creative juices flow.

Students would be able to utilize community engagement hours to assist help bring a united student vision to life, in a way that will positively engage, empower & and impact the community. 


Cultural Engagement

We do it for the culture, scholars should too!

Embracing Blackness and promoting positivity in the community is important. BSM’s cultural engagement and service opportunities are intended to provide mentorship and help scholars develop a closer relationship with themselves and with the community.


Educational Engagement

Two attributes of a change-agent is being able to critically think and decipher information. 

Scholars will learn about the history of how the education system has affected and still affects Black communities today. Scholars will also gain a greater understanding of Black history and how cultural appropriation & other institutionalized factors have affected the Black community throughout time.

Social Justice

Social Justice

Angela Davis said, “Radical simply means grasping things at the root.” 

As scholars scaffold through their experiences and successes at BSM & CSUN, we aid them in gaining a greater appreciation for discussions surrounding societal reform and how social movements affect the Black community.


A part of keeping African futures in the foreground is giving back to our environment.  

In addition to being change-agents in the community, BSM encourages acts of service that benefit the environment. Scholars will be provided with, and supported through, opportunities to promote a more sustainable future.