Black Male Scholars

  • Black Male Scholars - A program designed to empower its students to recognize their academic potential.


Join us as we chat about a range of topics to help us build community, increase a sense of belonging, encourage leardership. Catch us on Thursdays at 12pm.  

Meeting ID: 810 0341 3609
Passcode: BMS2022


This workshop will serve as the formal introduction to the program where students will learn the requirements and expectations as a participant. Students will have the opportunity to engage with their colleagues, create and share their goals. This workshop will be concluded with a presentation from University Counseling Services on strategies to help students transition to their upcoming year.

Deconstruction of the Black Male Ideology

This interactive forum provides students with an opportunity to discuss concepts of African American or black identity as it relates to stereotype threat, microaggression, and the development of their identity. We aim to explore a multitude of perspectives embodied by African American and black students through the examination of media, community expectations, and individual schemas.


During this workshop, students will provided with the chance to learn and reflect on themselves. This workshop will focus on understanding the results of the assessment, metacognition and how students can be more aware of their abilities/skills in everyday applications.

Community Service Event

Students will need to conduct research on an issue and decide how to best use their resources to support the cause.

Outdoor Leadership Activity

This Leadership Development Workshop will be a great experience for the students as they prep for the spring semester. Working with Outdoor Adventures, the students will have an opportunity to reflect on their first semester with the program, continue to strengthen their bonds and learn to draw strength from each other as they engage in this interactive activity.

Financial Literacy

This workshop will work to expand students’ understanding of money management strategies that will empower them to make wise and informed financial decisions while achieving their educational goals.

Excel Presentation

The ExCEL intervention workshops presents CSUN students psycho-education on academic motivation, test anxiety, self-efficacy, and academic confidence, as well as information about campus resources.

Black Educational Think Tank (BETT)

This workshop explores the key topics of concern affecting the black community. Black Male Scholars will engage in a multi-generational critical discussion on social, political, and academic issues and provide constructed feedback in hopes to advance toward solutions.

Self-Efficacy Seminar

As a semi-formal event, the Black Male Scholars program invites participants, their parents, campus community members, and alumni to recognize the success of our black community. This program aims to recognize the efforts of our students, staff and faculty in their individual paths. All who attend will experience the Black matador culture of achievement that radiates from our community and unifies us in our journey to success. Students, staff and faculty will have opportunities to provide or receive awards for their work across all disciplines.