Supporting Black mental health this Black History Month and beyond

January 24, 2024

In honor of Black History Month this year, we celebrate the immeasurable contributions of African Americans in the arts—from music, film, theater, and literature to painting, sculpture, and architecture. Their works not only inspire and influence us, but also develop our understanding of their lived experiences throughout history. The continued struggles of people in the Black community reinforce the need to do more to eliminate inequities and support their mental health and well-being. 

In support of Black mental health, we’re excited to share two transformative programs on Calm from Dr. Rheeda Walker, a licensed clinical psychologist, professor, researcher, and author who has dedicated nearly two decades to advancing the mental and emotional health of African Americans through empowerment.  Her programs on Calm provide insights into the mental health challenges of living in an unequal system and practical guidance to help people in the Black community navigate racism.  

Black Self-Worth at Work with Dr. Rheeda is designed to equip Black employees with strategies to thrive in the face of microaggressions, exclusion, and other forms of racism. Here are a few selections from the series:

  • Rating Your Psychological Fortitude at WorkUnderstand what “psychological fortitude” (PF) at work means, how workplace experiences can tax your PF, and how to maximize it each day.
  • Protecting Your Peace from MicroaggressionsGetting intentional about protecting your psychological fortitude includes having a game plan for responding to microaggressions at work.
  • Embracing Authenticity Over Imposter SyndromeLearn about internalized racism, imposter syndrome, and risks to your psychological fortitude.   

In Minding Your Black Mind with Dr. Rheeda, she offers insights and shares strategies to help Black individuals handle daily challenges and assaults on their humanity with grace. Select sessions in this program are:

  • Assuming You Deserve HappinessGet insights about depression and anxiety, two commonly diagnosed challenges that can cut into your psychological fortitude, and about managing symptoms and seeking support. 
  • Using Legacy as a Superpower Against RacismDr. Rheeda gets real about racism to raise your awareness of racism-related stress that could undercut your psychological fortitude. 
  • Steering Away From the Crisis CliffOften it’s the accumulation of stressors that set us up for the one thing that “breaks the camel’s back.” Dr. Walker talks about strategies for getting in front of a serious mental health crisis. 

In partnership with Calm, Dr. Walker also introduced the ABCs of Minding Your Mind, a guide to help people in the Black community achieve empowering, incremental shifts in their mindsets and lifestyles. 

While we celebrate the contributions of Black people throughout history, let’s also work together to support their mental well-being today and tomorrow.