LifeMatters@CSUN Frequently Asked Questions

Most questions are covered in detail in the Evidence of Coverage and Disclosure Form.

Q: How Do I Make an Appointment with a Local counselor through LifeMatters?


  1. PREPARE: Before calling LifeMatters, make sure you’re in a place you can speak confidentially and at length.
  2. PHONE: Call the LifeMatters Help Line at 1-800-367-7474. This phone line is available 24 hours a day! Remember, your family and household members can also call.
  3. INTAKE: A representative will conduct a brief intake over the phone in order to assist in finding the most appropriate help for you. LifeMatters will provide you with information of a local counselor for in-person sessions. Up to three (3) sessions will be authorized on a per problem basis.
  4. CONTACT: LifeMatters will give you, the client, the counselor’s contact information. You can then directly contact the counselor and set up an appointment at a time convenient for you. When scheduling the appointment, be sure to tell the counselor that you were referred to them through the Empathia/LifeMatters@CSUN program.
  5. REFERRAL: LifeMatters will set up a referral and communicate to the counselor that you are coming to see them through Empathia/LifeMatters@CSUN.
  6. FEEDBACK: If you have any questions or concerns regarding your experience with the counselor or process, please call the LifeMatters Help Line at 1-800-367-7474 and share your concerns.

Q: Do I pay a fee for counseling services?

A: The program includes up to three (3) sessions on a per problem basis with a contracted counselor at no cost to the employee or the employee's dependents/household members.

Q: What if I feel I need more counseling sessions?

A: If it is determined that ongoing counseling or services are beyond the scope of LifeMatters@CSUN, the counselor will make a referral through accessing providers covered by your medical insurance plan and/or community resources.

Q: Do I pay for these additional services/resources?

A: Yes, the decision to seek outside services is the client’s decision and financial responsibility. The employee’s medical plan is the first source Empathia contacts for additional counseling.

Q: Are counseling services available for family members?

A: Yes. The program provides up to three (3) sessions per person on a per problem basis. If it is determined additional counseling or services are recommended, the counselor will assist with accessing providers covered by your medical insurance plan.

Q: Who will be my counselor?

A: LifeMatters has a network of over 3,000 contracted, licensed providers in California. Empathia contractually guarantees that anyone who needs face-to-face counseling may see a local counselor within a 10-15 mile radius of where the individual resides or works. In more rural areas, Empathia guarantees coverage within 30 miles. If Empathia finds they do not have adequate coverage in any given area, they will add to their network so coverage is more complete.

Q: What languages are available for me and my family?

A: Empathia has Spanish speaking counselors as well as assistance through a telephonic Language Line and interpreters. TDD is also available for the hearing impaired.

Q: What type of license does Empathia possess to practice counseling?

A: Empathia is Knox-Keene licensed by the California Department of Managed Health Care as a specialized health care provider.

Q: Are my discussions with a counselor kept confidential?

A: Yes, consistent with all applicable laws, employee participation remains strictly a matter between the employee and counselor.

Q: What do I do if I have a complaint/grievance regarding LifeMatter services?

A: You may call LifeMatters Member Services at 1-800-367-7474, or for written complaints, you may log on to and complete the Member Grievance/Complaint Form online.  For additional information, visit:

Q: Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

A: General questions regarding this program can be forwarded to Laurie Gold-Brubaker at or (818) 677-3809.