FlexCash Plan

The CSU offers eligible employees the opportunity to participate in FlexCash, an optional benefit plan that allows you to waive medical and/or dental insurance coverage if you have other non-CSU coverage through an individual policy, private group coverage, or coverage related to employment outside the CSU system. This benefit provides a cash payment in lieu of your medical and/or dental insurance coverage.  

Current FlexCash payments:

  • If you waive medical and dental the payment amount is $140.00 monthly. 
  • If you waive medical only the payment is $128.00 monthly. 
  • If you waive dental only the payment is $12.00 monthly.


  • If you are a new employee, you can enroll within 60 days of your hire date.  Coverage will become effective on the 1st of the month following enrollment, subject to campus and state Controller's Office processing timelines.
  • Continuing employees may enroll during the annual open enrollment period in September/October for the following calendar year, effective January 1.
  • If your employment status changes, you may qualify to enroll at that time.  Consult with your Benefits representative.
  • When eligible to enroll, enrollment will be via the myNorthridge portal.  At that time, you certify that you are covered by a non-CSU medical and/or dental plan.  
  • Your enrollment will continue from year to year until you change or terminate your enrollment.

For more information, refer to the FlexCash Brochure, the FAQs below, or consult your Benefits representative. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I enroll or dis-enroll in FlexCash during the year?

  • If you have an allowable status change (including but not limited to loss of coverage through a spouse, and change in marital status), you may stop or start FlexCash. For additional information, refer to the FlexCash brochure.
  • Enrollment changes must be requested within 60 days of the status change event.

What if I go on leave while enrolled in FlexCash?

  • FlexCash payments continue during periods of paid leave; if you take a leave without pay, the payments stop until you return to paid, active status.

What if I retire while enrolled in FlexCash?

  • FlexCash payments will stop when you retire. You may enroll in a CSU medical and/or dental plan within 60 days of your retirement, or during any subsequent annual Open Enrollment period.