Calm - Your Newest Employee Wellness Resource

Whether you have 30 seconds or 30 minutes, Calm’s diverse content library offers resources to suit your schedule and needs. Explore guided meditations and specialized music playlists to help with stress and focus, mindful movement video and audio, relaxing Sleep Stories, tailored content for children, wisdom-filled masterclasses led by experts, and much more.  You can view a brief video of Calm features by selecting the image above or here.

Employees with Kaiser Permanente as their health plan provider already have access to Calm and may sign-up directly through Kaiser. All other state-side employees, including student employees, should simply follow the instructions below to gain full access to Calm - the #1 app for mental fitness.

To Get Started

  • Visit the following link: Calm for CSUN Employees
  • Sign up with your personal email address (or log in to an existing account)
  • Validate your work email address or Employee ID

Once complete, you can download the Calm app and log into your new account. Your Calm subscription gives you unlimited access to the full library of content at and in the Calm app. Sign up for one of Calm’s Live Employee Welcome Sessions to learn more. Please note that Calm only shares aggregated user data. For more information, see their privacy policy at

As a reminder, Calm is a family-friendly benefit and you can add up to five of your dependents (aged 16 or older) to receive their own premium Calm subscription. Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to do so!

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

We know it’s not easy to care for your mental health when you have a lot on your plate personally and professionally. What works for you one day might not work the next. 

That’s why, for Mental Health Awareness Month this year, we’ve partnered with Calm to share two special experiences that will help you explore various resources to build your mental health toolbox.

  1. Small Steps, Big Impact Challenge
    • Time period: May 13-24, 2024
    • Overview:  In this 2-week challenge, you’ll receive mental health content that you can complete in 5-10 minutes. By the end of the challenge, you’ll better understand what mental health tools resonate most with you and integrate them into your daily routine.
    • Registration: Sign up here!
  2. [Live Webinar] Cultivating Your Calm: A Mental Health Awareness Month Conversation
    • Date and time: May 15 at 9 AM (PT) / 12 PM (ET)
    • Overview: Taking care of our mental health is a journey and no step is ever too small. In this 1-hour virtual session, Dr. Rheeda Walker, a renowned psychologist, and Dr. Chris Mosunic, Calm’s Chief Clinical Officer, will share how you can create a sustainable mental health toolbox to build resilience in different life areas.
    • Registration: Save your seat here!

Let’s all use Mental Health Awareness Month to help us take small daily steps to support ourselves in each stage of our mental health journey.

May 2024 Focus: Developing a Healthy Relationship with Stress and Overwhelm

It’s normal to have feelings of anxiety in our lives. But when you’re in a constant state of anxiousness, it negatively impacts your mental health and your ability to thrive in your professional and personal lives. Calm’s Reduce Stress & Anxiety Collection contains resources that’ll help you return to a state of calm. 

Try the following resources from the collection to develop healthy habits that can ease your anxiety: 

  • Calming Anxiety
    • Choose a guided breathing meditation to calm your nervous system so you can reduce your anxious feelings. 
  • Managing Anxiety On the Go
    • Shift your attention away from your daily stress through self-awareness of what’s happening with your body. 
  • The Creativity of Mental Health
    • Try this guided meditation to see how your mental health is an internal artwork and you have the power to make necessary adjustments as needed.  
  • Sleep & Serenity
    • Go on a deep listening excursion with warm analog drone scapes featuring music designed to ease anxiety.

Join a Calm App Webinar to learn how to personalize your app experience or deep dive into monthly themed topics to enhance your mental health toolkit.
Important Note: If you’re experiencing chronic anxiety, please reach out to [Benefits contact/EAP liaison] or your doctor for the appropriate medical resources and support.

Handy Resources


  • NEW!: Calm's Self-Care Guide for Those Who Teach
  • Build a healthy self-care routine with this month's Calm Mindfulness Calendar
  • Use the 7 Days of Calming Anxiety program to soothe any mental and physical responses to anxiety and stressors;
  • Gain a better understanding of the root causes of your stress, then develop your own personalized relaxation toolkit with the Managing Stress workbook
  • Take a 60 Second Reboot; enjoy a 1-minute guided meditation, to quickly re-center yourself and ease any tension or anxiety 
  • Relieve Upper Body Stress with this 6-minute Daily Move session, led by Mel Mah
  • Listen to 7 Days of Focus to reduce mind-wandering and overcome distractions
  • Get into the zone with music: Try playlists like Deep Focus or Work Flow
  • Use this Body Scan meditation to quickly calm a racing mind and find focus
  • If you need immediate help stepping back from a worry spiral, use Panic SOS, a quick guided meditation to ease panic and anxiety with grounding techniques
  • Calm Kids: In this collection, you’ll find a variety of content offerings for your little ones—soundscapes, lullabies, meditations, sleep stories, kids' movements, and more—that they can use whenever they need it. 

  • Nurturing Pregnancy: In this pregnancy collection, you’ll learn empowering practices and hear reassuring talks to help you through the entire journey of pregnancy. You’ll also be able to lower stress, reduce anxiety, and improve sleep. For medical advice, please consult your doctor.
  • Postpartum Healing: In this postpartum collection, you’ll learn practices designed to support you during this tender and powerful time as you care for your little one. For medical advice, please consult your doctor.
  • Pre-Meeting Meditations: In these 60 and 90-second guided meditations, led by Chibs Okereke, you and your teams can reset before a meeting to boost productivity.
  • Mindful Leadership Wisdom Series: In this series with Megan Reitz, an executive coach and mindfulness teacher, you’ll discover how mindfulness can improve your leadership skills in the workplace. 
  • Tech Neck: In this 6-minute Daily Move session, led by Mel Mah, you’ll be guided through gentle full-body exercises that’ll release the tension in your neck after a long workday. 
  • Preparing to Listen: In this 6-minute session, led by Megan Reitz, you'll learn to strengthen your listening skills so you can create a space that's safe for others to speak up.

If you’re experiencing chronic stress or anxiety that doesn’t go away, please reach out to LifeMatters or your doctor for further resources and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

I signed up for Calm but am prompted to pay in the Calm app or the Premium content is locked?

Confirm you used CSUN's unique Calm sign-up link on a web browser and activated the Calm benefit there, using your unique identifier (work email address, employee ID, etc.). You will also need to be logged in to the Calm app with the same Calm account credentials you used when activating the benefit through the unique Calm sign-up link.

I already have a paid subscription on my Calm account, can I activate the Calm benefit through CSUN?

You can activate your CSUN Calm benefit on your existing Calm account as long as there is no renewing subscription currently active on your account. If you already have a renewing subscription, you can cancel auto-renewal on the subscription and then proceed with the activation of your Calm benefit. For step by step instructions, please view our Help Center article: How do I turn off auto-renewal or cancel my subscription? Please note that the benefit will apply on the Calm account as soon as it is activated, even if this overlaps with remaining time on a previous subscription that has been canceled.

Can I change the language of my Calm app?

We're excited to offer Calm in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, and Japanese!

To experience Calm's app and content in a different language, you'll just need to update the setting in your Calm app following these steps: 

  1. Tap "Profile" in the bottom corner of your Calm app
  2. Tap the gear icon in the upper left corner of your Profile
  3. Select "Change Language" from the menu
  4. Choose a language from the list and your entire Calm app will change to the language selected.

Some programs available on the English version of our app are not yet available in other languages. If you do not see a specific program that you are looking for, it may only be available in English at this time.

Is Calm compatible with Assistive Technology?

Calm's mobile app elements are accessible to mobile assistive technology such as screen readers like VoiceOver for iOS and Talkback for Android and these devices' native live-captioning and subtitle capabilities. If you do not have this assistive technology on your device, you can use Calm's web app to utilize their assistive technology.

Calm is committed to digital accessibility and conforms to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level A and AA, effective communication requirements, and any other applicable laws and regulations. To accomplish this, Calm has partnered with eSSENTIAL Accessibility to advance the product's accessibility. eSSENTIAL Accessibility evaluates Calm's digital products on an ongoing basis in accordance with best practices and is supported by a diverse team of accessibility professionals, including users of assistive technologies. The platform goes beyond minimum compliance requirements by making an assistive UX technology application available to users who have trouble typing, gesturing, moving a mouse, or reading. The application is free to download and it incorporates tools such as mouse and keyboard replacements, voice recognition, speech enablement, hands-free/touch-free navigation, and more. 

The Calm app hosts several features that do not require audio, including Breathing Exercises, Calm Body videos, Scenes, and Check-In features. Additionally, the Calm YouTube channel includes a selection of  content with closed captioning. It can be found here:

Currently, Android offers a tool called Live Caption which automatically captions speech on newer generation devices. Live Caption is only available in English.

Can I use Calm on more than one device?

You can absolutely access your Calm account across multiple devices, as well as on our website.

Once you create a Calm account on one device, simply make sure you're logged in with the same email address on your additional device(s).

iPhone or Android App: To create an account or log in on our Calm app, tap the 'Profile' button in the bottom right corner of the home screen. Once there, tap the 'Sign up' option to create an account or the 'Login' option to log in to your existing account.

Website: You can sign in to your account on our website, at


Can I use Calm offline?

Most sessions and tracks in the Calm app can be downloaded for future listening offline.

If you would like to download a Masterclass, Meditation, or Dailies session:

Tap on the program you'd like to listen to, and on the program description page, you will see a download cloud icon in the top corner of the screen. Tap that icon to download the program. If it is successful, there will be a checkmark in the center of the cloud icon to indicate the download has been completed.

If you would like to download a Music track or Sleep Story:

Start the track or story you'd like to listen to. When the session begins, tap the player that appears at the bottom of the screen. Now, you will see the same cloud icon in the upper right corner to download for offline use. Tap that to download the current music track or story you are listening to.

If you would like to download a Daily Calm session:

To download a Daily Practice on your device, start the session and you will see the cloud icon in the session player that you can tap to download. 

To access downloaded content for offline listening:

To view your downloaded content, please visit the 'Profile' tab in the app and tap 'Library'. Near the bottom you'll see 'My Downloads'.

If you wish to remove downloaded tracks from your device, please see this support article for more information about that.

How do I search Calm for specific content?

The search bar feature can be used to search by narrator, meditation titles, artist, etc.

To access, tap on the ‘Discover’ tab located on the bottom of the app, and you'll then see the search bar at the top of the screen. For example, if you're looking for 'Dream with Me' narrated by Harry Styles, you can type either 'Dream with Me' OR 'Harry Styles'.

Can I use Calm to fall asleep?

We highly recommend giving Calm a try if you need help falling asleep. Our content includes meditation, stories, music tracks, and nature sounds that are designed to help you fall asleep to them. Below you will find our recommended app settings for using the app as you fall asleep based on the type of content you enjoy (click here for sleep content recommendations):


If you would like to listen to a music selection as you are falling asleep, we recommend using the Music sleep timer. After starting a music track, tap the player bar at the bottom of the screen. Next, tap the clock icon just above the pause button and select the amount of time you would like for music to play. The Calm app will close when the music timer ends. By using the autoplay settings, you can choose whether the same song loops or the next song in the playlist will play.

Meditations or Sleep Stories:

If you would like to listen to a meditation or sleep story as you are falling asleep, you'll want to adjust the Play sounds outside of app setting. This setting controls the amount of time that your chosen scene will continue playing after your meditation has ended. To edit this "Scenes" setting, tap the mountain icon on the top left hand corner on the home screen. Here, you'll see the Play sounds outside of app setting option listed at the bottom of the Scenes menu. For more detailed instructions, see our help article on the scene settings here.

You can also seamlessly listen to hours of our most popular Sleep Stories with our curated Sleep Playlists. Each playlist is about 3-4 hours long, and some of these playlists include a soundscape at the end. You can also set a sleep timer so the playlist will stop after a certain amount of time. 

Scenes only:

If you'd like to just listen to a "Scene," simply set the Play sounds outside the app setting to the amount of time you would like for them to play, and then turn your screen off. The background sounds will continue to play until the timer ends. For more detailed instructions, see our help article on the scene settings here.

For any of our programs, please do be sure to lock your phone screen after beginning your session. This will help to conserve your phone's battery as the session plays. 

Still need help?

You can visit Calm's Help Center at to review how-to articles.

If you can’t find answers to your questions on the Help Center, please reach out for assistance with technical issues. You can reach Calm’s Support team by going here and clicking on “Continue” in the pop-up box to access and fill out our contact form. If you run into any issues, please see this article for more details on how to contact us. Please include your unique identifier and company’s unique Calm sign-up link, as well as a screenshot of your issue.