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Program Assessment

Please see the assessment website for information and useful resources to support program assessment at CSUN.

GE Assessment
GE has seven sections consisting of lower division courses (numbered lower than 300) and upper division courses (numbered 300 and higher) in basic subjects, natural sciences, arts and humanities, social sciences, lifelong learning, comparative cultural studies, and American history and government. GE Program Learning Outcomes, written in 2012, bridge learning outcomes for the sections of GE with the University Learning Outcomes. GE Assessment began with the Cultural Studies section from Spring 2012 through Fall 2013 and continues with Critical Thinking assessment through Spring and Fall 2014. 
Contact Beth Lasky at for further info.

Critical Thinking Across the Disciplines

See the Resources, Rubrics and More page for related materials.
Assessment liaison meetings throughout AY 2013-2014 focused on ways programs could design statements of critical thinking as a measurable learning outcome and build effective critical thinking assignment prompts. Special attention was paid to aligning with Bloom's taxonomy and ascertaining whether assignment prompts were targeted at appropriate cognitive levels. 
Contact your department chair of academic assessment liaison for further info.

myCSUNtablet Assessment
The myCSUNtablet initiative is a partnership between California State University, Northridge and Apple, Inc. that seeks to increase engagement, enhance the quality of teaching tools, and reduce the cost of learning materials for students. Participating students use iPads and gain immediate access to e-books and related e-learning materials in a suite of courses in select majors. Participating faculty receive an iPad and help from professional course designers who understand the relation between effective teaching, creative use of authoring tools, and accessible design. The project focuses on assessment of the impact of tablets on achievement of student learning outcomes. Pilot comparative assessment occurred Fall 2013 in select Biology and Journalism courses. Micro-assessments occurred through a greater number of courses in Spring 2014. Micro-assessments will involve 72 sections of courses in Fall 2014 and Spring 2015. 
Contact Deone Zell at or Bonnie Paller at for further info.