Academic Assessment

  • Oviatt Library


Academic First Year Experiences

  1. Describe CSUN policies and resources central to your success as a student.
  2. Describe some of your strengths as a learner.
  3. Describe ways in which you are an agent in your own academic success.
  4. Find and use appropriate information resources to negotiate complex challenges (for example, ethical dilemmas, academic assignments, and/or issues of personal identity).
  5. Demonstrate your ability to use at least one time management technique.
  6. Name [at least] two people you have met at CSUN whom you can call on for help.

American Indian Studies

  1. To demonstrate the ability to further refine critical thinking, written, and oral communication skills and other creative endeavors.
  2. To develop a critical and reflective perspective on Western interpretations of the experiences of First Nation Peoples, in particular an understanding of internal colonialism.
  3. To demonstrate an appreciation of the commonalties and the uniqueness of indigenous cultures and nations.
  4. To demonstrate a commitment through effective community service to work cooperatively with indigenous peoples.
  5. Demonstrate an enhanced ability to respect indigenous communities.

Oviatt Library, Student Information Competence Outcomes