Asian Studies Pacific Coast 2016 Conference


Conference Schedule, Panels, and Participants 

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General Guidelines for Presenters

Individual papers have been grouped into panels of three to four papers, with a chair assigned to each panel. If you are listed as chair, we ask that you introduce the presenters on your panel, keep time during the session, and facilitate the Q&A after the presentations. Though not required, chairs are also welcome to provide comments on the presented papers. We strongly encourage panelists to share their papers with each other and their chair prior to the conference.

Presenters are asked to keep their presentations to no more than 15 minutes to ensure adequate time for questions and discussion. Please plan and prepare accordingly. Presenters are also strongly encouraged to speak to their audience rather than read from a paper. If you are new to presenting at a conference, see below for links to some additional advice on conference presentations.

All panel rooms will be equipped with a projector and laptop computer for use by presenters. Please plan to arrive to your session early to set up. If you will be using slides (PowerPoint, PDF, etc.), please have your presentation on a USB drive and transfer it to the room laptop before the session begins. If you prefer to use your own laptop, you will need a VGA port or suitable adapter. 

General Advice on Conference Presentations

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 Conference Rules, Part 2 by Linda K. Kerber, The Chronicle of Higher Education, March 21, 2008. 

Conference Rules, Part 3 by Linda K. Kerber, The Chronicle of Higher Education, May 2, 2008.


Accepted Panels, Roundtables, Papers and Posters

Panels, roundtables, papers and posters that have been accepted for ASPAC 2016 are listed below in alphabetical order by the chair's or presenter's last name. Participants are kindly reminded that they must register no later than April 30, 2016 to appear in the printed program. Additionally, if you know in advance that you cannot attend certain days of the conference, please notify us promptly so we do not schedule your paper for that day. A tentative program schedule will be posted after regular registration closes on April 30. Finally, remember that graduate students are encouraged to submit papers for the 2016 ASPAC-Mori Prize. The application deadline is May 15, 2016.

Organized Panels


Dennehy, Kristine
(CSU Fullerton), chair

Panel: The U.S. Role in Cold War Asia: Geopolitics and Personal Narratives

  • Dennehy, Kristine (California State University, Fullerton)

Japanese Americans in the Military Intelligence Service (MIS) in Postwar Japan

  • Hawkins, Richard (independent contractor)

Everyday Encounters Between Japanese American Soldiers and Japanese Civilians in Occupied Japan

  • Tran, Lisa (California State University, Fullerton)

Ethnic Chinese and the Politics of the Indochinese Refugee Crisis

  • Takeuchi, Michiko (California State University, Long Beach), discussant


Hirota, Aki
(CSU Northridge), chair

Panel: The Gendered Discourse of Life and Death in Modern and Contemporary Japan

  • Hirota, Aki (CSU Northridge)

Neither Simple Nor Easy: Life and Death of Seniors in Contemporary Japan

  • Huang, Junliang (CSU Northridge)

Life Next to Death: the Victimized Body of Wartime Japanese Women in Postwar Narratives

  • Kakihara, Satoko (CSU Fullerton)

Managed Motherhood: Female Subjectivity in Korea Under Japanese Imperial Rule

Hoang, Tuan
(Pepperdine University), chair 

Panel: Postwar Music in Vietnam and the Diaspora

  • Gibbs, Jason (San Francisco Public Library)

“I Am Here” Songs from Carceral Vietnam After The War

  • Hoang, Tuan (Pepperdine University)

Lost, Mourned, and Retrieved:  Nation and Identity in the Music of Vietnamese Refugees, 1975-1990

  • Nguyen, Minh X.  (University of California, Riverside)

The Social Realities of Vietnamese Popular Music

  • Wong, Deborah (University of California, Riverside), discussant

Howell, David L. Howell
(Harvard University), chair

Panel: Music as Intellectual History: A Study of Sound, Music, and Society from Early Modern to Modern Japan

  • Fujiwara, Gideon (University of Lethbridge)

“Diverse Sounds: Global Influences on Local Music and Sounds in Nineteenth-Century Northeastern Japan"

  • Kitahara, Kanako (Aomori Chuo Gakuin University)

Reception of Western Music and the Samurai Class of Early Meiji Japan

  • Suzuki, Hirotaka (Dong-Eui University)

The Last Words of a Traditional Musician: Analysis of ‘Petition’ by Heikyoku Performer Tateyama Zennoshin

  • Takenouchi, Emiko (Kyoto City University of Arts)

Samurai Class and Music in Early Modern Times: An Example from Hirosaki Domain

  • Yamashita, Sumire (Teikyo University), discussant

Kim, Dong-No
(Yonsei University), chair

Panel: Modern social science research in Korea and the Modernization of Korean society

  • Woo, Dae-hyung (Yonsei University)

The paradigmatic crisis in Korean social and economic historiography

  • Moon, Sang-seok (Yonsei University)

Social sciences and the social reform of humanity during the colonial period”;

  • Jeon, Sang-sook (Yonsei University)

Development of social sciences though government schools without political participation in colonial Korea

Meng Zhang
(USLA), chair

Panel: Chinese and Others: Institutions and Negotiations at Multiple Frontiers, 1600-1800

  • Chen, Boyi (Washington University in St. Louis)

Beyond the Imperial Frontier: Kelenteng and the Formation of South Fujianese Community in Batavia

  • Herr, Joshua (UCLA)

“Toward Early Modern East Asian Borders: Ideas, Practices, and Policies at the China-Vietnam Border

  • Zhang, Meng (UCLA)

Market, State, and Ethnicity: Timber Trade in the Miao Frontier

  • Richard Horowitz (CSU Northridge), discussant

Su, Zhixin
(CSU Northridge), chair

Panel: The Impact of Study in China on the Personal and Professional Development of American Students

  • Corpuz, Eliza (CSU Northridge)

Lessons on lifelong learning from a cultural journey in China

  • Hill, Sean (CSU Northridge)

Studying in China While Being an Artist in America

  • Lao, Michelle (CSU Northridge)

The Asian American in Asia

  • Spagna, Michael (CSU Northridge) and Su, Zhixin (CSU Northridge)

American Students in China: Building Bridges of Friendship

  • Tang, Susan (Tarzana Treatment Centers, Inc.)

The Influence of Internship and Studying in China

  • Violette, Brandon (Hasbro Studios)

From Beijing To Hollywood

  • Spagna, Michael (CSU Northridge), discussant

Zhao, Xing
(UC San Diego), chair

Panel: (De)Constructing National Image: Society, Nature, and Human in Socialist and Post-Socialist China

  • Chen, I-Fan (UC San Diego)

Re-engaging “Texture” of arts: Wang Keping’s wooden sculpture in the late 1970s

  • Kim, Gina (UC San Diego)

Carving Civil Society: Lu Xun’s Revolution and Grassroots Art Movements in Korea and China

  • Lin, Chihho (UC San Diego)

The Red, the Rural, and the Beautiful: Peasant Girls in Propaganda Images

  • Lopez, Philomena (UC San Diego)

Geopolitics and Public Sphere in Transnational Context: Yuan Yunsheng’s The Water Sprinkling Festival (1979) and David Alfaro Siqueiros’ America Tropical (1932)

  • Zhao, Xing (UC San Diego)

Beyond Cultural Eulogy and Temporal Elegy: Situating Zhang Kechun's Yellow River Photo Series in the Visual Culture of the Yellow River in the Post-Socialist Era

  • Kuiyi, Shen (UC San Diego), discussant

Roundtable Discussions


Gustafson, Robert (CBS Studio Center), chair

Roundtable: Training for Careers in Film/Television/Digital Media in China

  • Gustafson, Robert (CBS Studio Center)
  • Levy, Bob (producer)
  • Ban, Jiawei (Uneed Entertainment)

Riley, Parkes (UC Riverside), chair

Roundtable: A discussion of U.S.-India relations in the last year of the Obama presidency, and of India's domestic politics including the issue of corruption

  • Riley, Parkes (UC Riverside)
  • Roy, Ram M. (CSU Northridge)
  • Roy, Ravi K. (Southern Utah University)
  • Olsen, Chandler (Southern Utah University)

Wood, Michael (Chapman University), chair      

Roundtable: Japanese Literary Translation as Pedagogical Methodology

  • Wood, Michael (Chapman University)
  • Bundschuh, John (Ohio State University)
  • Dinunzio, Caitlin (BFA, Chapman University)
  • Tamura, Samantha (BA, Chapman University)

Individual Papers


Akaha, Tsuneo (Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey)

U.S.-Japan Cooperation in Human Security: Challenges and Opportunities

Arkenstone, Quillon (University of Hawaii at Manoa)

Missed Opportunity: Trotskyism in Prewar Japan and the Plot to Bring Leon Trotsky to Karafuto

Baik, Seung Suk (Yeungnam University, South Korea)

Agrarian Emigration of Colonial Korea

Barter, Shane J. (Soka University of America)

Power to the Province: Decentralizing Autonomy in Southeast Asia

Bharadwaj, Srinivas (Santa Clara University, alumni and adjunct)

The Puranic Origins of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

Boonyawongwiwat, Thitiwut (Chiang Mai University)

The Emergence of the Anti-narcotic Ideology on the Thai-Myanmar Border

Brown, Michael Serizawa (Bellevue College & University of Washington, Tacoma)

Coming of Age in Seattle’s International District: Victorio Acosta Velasco and Civil Rights Activism

Bulathsinghala, Lakshmi Damayanthi (State University of New York, Binghamton)

Interpreting Women on Stage: Gunasena Galapaththi’s Yerma as Translated Theatrical Text

Canary, Peyton (University of Washington)

Personnel Selection and Mutiny Suppression in the Song Dynasty

Chan, Melissa Mei-Lin (University of Southern California) Cultural Marginality and Precarious Sinophone-Burmese Subjectivities in Midi Z.’s Ice Poison

Chen, Biling (University of Central Arkansas)

False Exoticism and Cultural Authenticity in Ruth Ozeki's My Year of Meats

Cheon, Heejoo (Korea University)

A Study on the Civility of Generation N in Korean Society

Cho, Kyu-Ick (Soongsil University)

Searching for Self-Identity in the Tower of Babel

Choe, Misun (University of Southern California)

The Role of Input and the Second Language Acquisition of Korean Modals Keyss and (U)l kes

Chong, Hanna (Yonsei University)

Social-cultural Meanings of Text Translations in "The Biography of George Williams": What to Expect When Translating Texts About Both Ordinary and Great Men

Cole, Emily (University Of Oregon)

Consuming American Culture through Images in Early Japanese Postwar Photography Magazines

Davidson, Ronald (California State University, Northridge)

Making a Wrong Turn in Tokyo: Yasukuni Shrine and the “Empty Center” of Contemporary Japanese Nationalism

Day, Michael (National University)

Is a Pax Sinica a Real Possibility?

De Lisle, Andrew (Australian National University)

From Frontier Land to Disputed Territory: Japanese Empire and the Fabrication of the Jiandao Question

Dhal, Saroj Kumar (Symbiosis International University)


Dickmeyer, Laurie (University of California, Irvine)

Person-to-Person Diplomacy: U.S.-China Relations in the Treaty Ports, 1840's-1850's

Doce, Brian (Jilin University)

Election-Related Politics of Remittances: A Look at the Platforms of Philippine Presidential Candidates

Doran, Rebecca (University of Miami)

The "Ornamentation Anomaly" (fu yao) and Rule by Women During the Tang Dynasty

Duan, Ruodi (Harvard University)

African American History and Culture in Chinese Narration, 1961-1978

Easum, Taylor M. (University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point)

Sculpting Memory in an Northern Thai City

Estiningsih, Meita (Center for Southeast Asian Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Dangdut as Indonesian Popular Music: Technology Migration and Class Perception Among Under Classes and Urban Elite

Feng, Jia (University of California, Los Angeles)

1950 Taels as a Taboo: English East Indian Company's Tax Grievance and Qing Emperor's Coffer

Filler, Stephen (Oakland University)

Linguistic Diversity, Order, and Chaos in Machida Kō’s Confession and Shreds

Francisco, Jenilene (California State University, Northridge)

Abu Sayyaf & Bangsamoro Identity

Fu, Man (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China)

Cultural Pluralism and Identity: Rediscovering the Tradition of Cultural Industries in China and Korea

Gerber, Lydia (Washington State University, Department of History and Asia Program)

Missionary Work and Personal Mission in Richard Wilhelm’s Letters to Luise Bahr 1922-1923

Ha, Kyung Hee (University of California, San Diego)

Surviving in the War on Terror: Korean Schools at the Nexus of North Korea, South Korea and Japan

Haas, Michael (University of Hawai'i)

Building Triangles Across Borders

Haas, Michael (University of Hawai’i)

Normalization and Nonrecognition

Haghighi, Mehdi (Kent State University)

Russia's Foreign Policy in Central Asia

Han, Jaehyang (Graduate School of Economics and Business Administration at Hokkaido University; HYI, visiting scholar)

The development of the pachinko industry and its relationship with the Korean minority in Japan

Ho, Ka Ki Alan (McGill University)

Pacifying the Silk Routes: A Study of the Dou Family and their Governance in Hexi in early Eastern Han

Hong, Sunghee (Yonsei University, South Korea)

Possibility Beyond Possibility: Discovering the Traces of the Non-Spatial Diaspora in Korean Literature

Horikawa, Nobuko (Portland State University)

Finding "Nature" through Encounters with Western Literature: Takamura Kōtarō and His Dualistic Worldview

Huang, Pengyi (Louisiana State University)

The Language Anxiety of Contemporary First-generation Chinese Immigrants in Flushing

Hynes, James (Sam Houston State University)

Huaiyin University to Sam Houston State University: Imbedding Culture into a Curriculum

Ichiki, Masashi (Chikushi Jopgakuen University)

Who Owns Cheng Cheng-gong: Comparatiove Analysis of "Cheng Cheng-gong 1661"

Jabeen, Farhat (Fauji foundation College, Rawalpindi, Pakistan)

Women’s Socio-Economic Development and Cultural Diversity in South Asia

Jaeik, Park (Yonsei University)

Lee Hyosuk and Walt Whitman: The Way to Rule the Melting Pot

Jaiswal, Pramod (Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies)

Nepalese Outbound Migration: Remittance and Its Role in Economic Development

Jiajun Liang (UCLA)

Space and Repetition: Identity Crisis and Formation of National Consciousness in Decolonized Taiwan

Karahodza, Emir (The University of Sarajevo)

The Limits of China's Diplomacy in The South China Sea Disputes

Karavardanyan, Sargis (California State University, Northriedge)

The United Nation's Involvement in China's Human Rights Issues

Kato, Yayoi (Moravian College)

Bringing the Party Back in to China’s Policy Process: Ideological Framing and Consensus Mobilization]

Kawamura, Noriko (Washington State University)

Emperor Hirohito’s Initial Seven Months Under U.S. Occupation

Keum, Hieyeon (University of Seoul)

Political and Social Cleavages in the Post-Democratization Era in Taiwan and South Korea

Khan, Adnan (University of Malakand, Pakistan)

Traditions and Transformation Among the Pakhtuns of Pakistan

Khandagale, Pravin S. (University of Hyderabad, Pakistan)

Acrobatic Entertainment as Traditional Livelihood: A Case of the Peripatetic Dombari Community in India

Kim, Eun-hye (Yonsei University)

Efficiency of Dialogue Journal by Mobile Instant Messenger for Korean Writing Education

Kim, Jane (University of Southern California)

Historicism Espoused in Theresa Hak Kyung Cha's Artistic Modality

Kim, Sandra So Hee Chi (University of Southern California)

A Different Inheritance: Exorbitant Belonging in Cho Sehui’s "The Dwarf"

Kim, Sarang (International Graduate School of English, South Korea)

Historical Trajectory of English Education in South Korea: Contemporary Changes and Challenges

Kim, Seung Yeol (Stanford University)

Implications of Judicial Review on Democracy: Through the Scope of Comparative Study on Korea and Japan

Kochhar, Geeta (Jawaharlal Nehru University, India)

China's Urbanization: Past, Present, and the Challenges Ahead

Kujiawa, Izabela (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland)

Foreign English Teachers in China: Between the Need and the Desire for Mobility

Lau, Jennifer (University of Toronto)

Powerful Entry into Canadian Borders: The Accounts of Sophia Hengzhe Chen Zen (1890-1976)

Lau, Julia (The Catholic University of America)

Bali as Center of Peace and Security: New Directions for Indonesia's Counter-terrorism Policies

Le Thu, Huong (ISEAS)

Rural-to-Urban Migration and Income Mobility in Vietnam: Comparison Between Red River Delta and South East

Lee-Chung, Sangsook (Independent Scholar)

"Inevitable" Early Study Abroad:  The Ambivalent Subjectivities of South Korean "Geese-dad" Professors

Lee, Giseung (University of North Carolina, Charlotte)

The Ideal of Self-Sacrificing Women in Japanese Culture: The Wives in Ozu and Mizoguchi’s Films

Lee, Leah Yiya (Chung Yuan Christian University)

From a Bible College to a Christian University – the Story of Chung Yuan Christian University in Taiwan

Lee, Myoung-Jin and Lee, Dou Young (Korea University)

Acceptance of Multiculturalism Among Korean Youths

Leslie Wang (University of Massachusetts Boston)

Transnational Parent-Child Separation Among Chinese Immigrant Families in the United States

Li, Jiayi (University Of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign)

Rethinking the Politics of Apolitical Intellectuals in Modern China: Bao Wenkui and Tan Haosheng

Li, Yang (University of California, Riverside)

A Record for the Five Men’s Tomb: Commoners, Literati, and Popular Protest in Late Ming China and Today

Li, Yiran (University of New South Wales)

Is it a fair play? -Evaluation of the Effectiveness of China's Funding Mechanism for Rural Education

Litman, Raviv (University of Victoria, Canada)

“The Parent Tax”: Transnational state influence on overseas educated sons in Singapore

Liu, Jingyuan (Louisiana State University)

Sunrise vis-à-vis Chekhov

Liu, Zongdi (Shandong University, China)

Making Space, Producing Culture: China’s Aging Population Reinvents Urban Public Culture

Lu, Yao (Hong Kong University of Science And Technology)

Chinese Integration and Perceptions in Zambia in Comparison with Caucasians and Indians

Lu, Yingdan (Stanford University)

Reimagining Civility from Chinese Social Media: Agendas in Haze Governance

Mahsud, Muhammad (University of Peshawar, Pakistan)

The Role of State Policies in the Rise of Taliban in South Waziristan Agency in the Post 9-11 Era

Masunaga, Shingo (University of Turku, Finland)

Emerging Japanese Nationalism and the Correlation of the Collapse of Japan as a Family Nation

Maxson, Hillary (University of Oregon)

Kakeibo and Kitchens: Women’s Consumerism in Postwar Japan

Murakami, Tomo (California State University, Long Beach)

An Analysis of Kim Dal-su’s Genkainada, a Post-World War II Zainichi Novel

Muranaka, Aimi (Institute of East Asian Studies, University of Duisburg-Essen)

A Possibility of New Migration Pattern to Japan Established by Private Sector and Government?

Naresh, Sudhaveni (Jawaharlal Nehru Univeristy, India)

Environment and Population Movement: A Case Study of Cross-Border Migration from Bangladesh to India

Ngo, Michael Anthony (Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology, Philippines)

Framing Intsik: Perceptions Toward the Chinese as Gleamed from Various Frames in Philippine Society

Nguyen, Thi Tuyet Nhung (University for Peace- Costa Rica/ Ateneo de Manila University- the Philippines)

Administrative Urbanization in Vietnam: The mixture of political ambitions and administrative power under different economic theories

O'Krent, Michael (University of Southern California)

The Madman and the Dead Man: Revolutionary Visions in the Fiction of Lu Xun

Ohta, Kozue (Chikushi-Jyogakuen University)

Manga and Movie ( The case of FAMILY;KAZOKU )

Ostermiller, John (University of San Francisco)

Caustic Consequences: The Importance of Identifying Nationalism in Popular Culture

Pallavi, Sriram (UCLA)

On Dancing Tropes and Political Geographies: Connecting the 18th Century Indian Ocean World

Pande, Amba (Jawaharlal Nehru University, India)

Wither Race? Indian Diaspora, the New Constitution and the Racial Politics in Fiji

Parke, Anna and Schuler, Yi (Concordia University)

A Cultural Perspective on Autism in China

Prince, Michael (California State University Northridge)

Whose Gaze? Critiquing Representation of LGBT Experiences in Anime and Manga

Rao, Xinzi (University of Heidelberg)

A Transcultural Exploration of Chinese Christians in Germany: Problematizing Terminology

Revells, Tristan (Columbia University)

Spurious Liquors: An International Case

Reynolds, E. Bruce (San Jose State University)

Banishing the Shijiatun Idols: The 1878 Conversion of a Buddhist Temple to a Christian Church

Rohlf, Gregory (University of the Pacific)

Tsinghua College its role in Urbanization in Beijing

Rubino, Louis (California State University, Northridge)

Healthcare Reform in China: Significant Change Underway

Sautman, Barry (Hong Kong University of Science & Technology)

Localists and ‘Locusts’: Nativism in Hong Kong

Schaffer, Lindsay (University of California, Riverside)

Creaturely Capitalism and the “Good Life” in Misaeng: ajik sara itchi mothan cha

Shibuya, Momoyo (Saitama University; National Cheng Kung University) and Endo, Tamaki (Saitama University)

Asian Subjective Well-being in Urban Settings: From the Data of Bangkok, Shanghai and Tokyo

Siercks, Eric (UCLA)

Truly Honest: Miyazawa Kenji as Resistance to Modern Folklore

Singh, Smriti (Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi)

The rise of gated enclaves and distinction among educated middle class in Gurgaon

Singleton, Kevin (Stanford University)

Modern Japanese Literature at the Museum

Sioson, Erica Paula (University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences)

The Role of Local Governments in the Integration of Migrants into Japanese Society

Son, Yoo Di (Korea University)

A Study of the Hybrid Religious Perspective in Lin Yutang’s Autobiographies with a Focus on "From Pagan To Christian"

Song, Eunyoung (Yonsei University)

Women's Writing on Body in South Korean Mass Society

Suo, Feiya (Stanford University)

Feedbacks of Chinese and South Korean Population Policy from Women of Reproductive Age

Tadeo, Erika Riza (University of the Philippines)

The Cross-Border Adaptation of First Generation Indonesian Migrants in Glan, Sarangani, Philippines

Tahir Ali Shah, Muhammad (Tahir Ali Shah, Muhammad)

Human Rights and Sustainable Development in South Asia

Tang, Uymeng (Ohio University)

International Trade between the U.S. and Southeast Asia: Cambodia's Garment Exports to the U.S. Markets

Thein-Lemelson, Seinenu (University of California, Berkeley)

Fear and Silence in Burma and Indonesia: Comparing Two National Tragedies and Two Individual Outcomes of Trauma

Thianthai, Chulanee (Chulalongkorn University)

Recreating Family Quality Time: A Case Study on Urbanization Impact Among Bangkok Multigenerational Households

Tobin, Kathleen (Purdue University Calumet)

Chinese Students: U.S. Engineering

Tolmacheva, Marina (Washington State University, Department of History)

The Delhi Sultanate as a Muslim borderland: a snapshot from the Rihla of Ibn Battuta

Torneo, Ador R. (De La Salle University, Philippines)

The Push and Pull Factors of Marriage Migration in South Korea: An Empirical Analysis

Tran, Tommy (University of California, Los Angeles)

Rolling in Their Graves: Ancestors as Symbols of Resistance in Cheju Island, Korea

Travouillon, Katrin (Phillip University Marburg)

Is There a Place for the Past in the Future?: Narratives of Continuity in Post-War Cambodia

Uddin, Nasir (Department Of Anthropology, University Of Chittagong)

Builder has no building: Potentials and problems of rural-urban migration in Bangladesh

Ueda, Michio (Center for Southeast Asian Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Mobilizing Metro Manila's Urban Poor, 1946-2015

Vandenbrink, Rachel (The Fletcher School, Tufts University)

Asia’s Return to Geopolitics: China and Japan in Central and Southeast Asia

Wang, Chunmeng (Durham Academy)

Integrating Calligraphy Instruction with Language Curriculum in A High School 4-year Chinese Program

Wang, Iris (Sam Houston State University)

Water of the Empire: Irrigation, Flood Control and the Creation of Imperial Pageantry of Tianjin

Wang, Ningxin (The University of Hong Kong)

The F world: Ethnographical Exploration of ‘Boys’ Love’ Fans Community in Mainland China

Wang, Pai (University of California, San Diego)

Imagining Performance, Gender and Identity in 1980s and 1990s Hong Kong Cinema: Star Images of Brigitte L

Wang, Peter Chenmain (National Central University, Taiwan)

Christian Churches and the Second Sino-Japanese War – A Case Study of the National Christian Council of China

Wang, Wuyun (Gifu City Women's College)

People's Reaction toward the End of China's One-Child Policy - through a survey in central China

Wang, Yiwen (University of California, San Diego)

Envisioning A Space of Inbetweeness:Eileen Changs’ Works and the Colonized Cities.

Warnke, Allan (Vancouver Island University)

Shanghai and Singapore as Examples of Asia's Power Cities and Their International Influence

Wetzel, Patricia (Portland State University)

A Taxonomy for Word Play in Japanese Advertising

Williams, Rina (University of Cincinnati)

Bollywood, Beef, and the BJP: On Imagining the Place of Muslims in a Hindu India

Wood, Michael (Chapman University)

Invasive Species Discourse in Japan: The Case of Lake Biwa

Xin, Zhaokun (Arizona State University)

The Death of His Husband: Desiring Public and Body's Circulability in Li Yu's Two Huaben Stories

Yang, Xiaochun (Nanjing University; USC, visiting scholar)

Chinese Hui Muslims in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644): from Foreign Immigrants to One Chinese Ethnic Minori

Yau, Esther C. M. (University of Hong Kong)

Urban Displacement and Eco-Trauma in Documentary Testimony and Surrealist Vision

Yi, Boram (University of Baltimore)

The Unending Works of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of ROK: The Politics of the Korean War in t

Yiath, Sean (Miracosta City College)

ASEAN at a Crossroads

You, So Yeun (Chung-Ang University)

The Effect of Nostalgia on Consumer Intentions: A Case in South Korea

Zhong, Yong (University of New South Wales, Australia)

No Left-Behind Kids, No Left-Behind Old People: But How Has this Been Made Possible

Poster Presentations


Denq, Bryan; Hsu, Wen Chin; Plunkett, Scott (CSU, Northridge)

Discrimination, Peer Victimization, Stress, and Depression of Asian American College Students

Dunlap, Judy; Su, Justine (CSU, Northridge)

Re-Discover School Leadership in the U.S. and China

Gonsalves, Keyara and Mimura, Yoko (CSU Northridge)

Financial socialization among Chinese American young adults: Focus on the role of ‘filial piety’

Kim, Angela (CSU, Northridge)

An Exploding Lifestyle in Korea and Beyond: Females Within the Gaming Community

Li, Li (Sanda University of Shanghai)

How to change the one-to-many way of short film making at campus in China to interactive way

Wang, Ren-fu (Shanghai Vocational College of Trade Union)

Constructing a Judicial Review System to Regulate China's Administrative Monopoly