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Welcome to the Sustainability Center Art Tour

All paintings, photographs, and structures were inspired by the environment and its elements. All artwork was purchased by Associated Students from graduates of the CSUN Art Department. Enjoy the video.


Stacey Alexander - Disappearing into the Weeds 1 (2015)

Disappearing into the Weeds 1 (2015)

Theresa Knopf Morgan - ​Reunion no. 1-4 (​ 2015)

Reunion number 1 Reunion number 2 Reunion number 3 Reunion number 4

Guillermina Zuniga - We are Nature-Yellow-Green (2017)

We are Nature-Yellow-Green

Erika Ostrander - Compression 5 (2016)

Compression 5 (2016)

Michelle Nunes - 500 Years to forever (2017)

500 years to forever

Kellan King - Tree branch

Tree branch

Garen Novruzyan - Flowwe Pow (2016)

Flowwe Pow

Anne Aubuchon, Hollly Stuczynski, Christopher Taylor, Matt Rose, Megan Hannah, Mariana Reyes, Charline Nacion, Daisy Ramirez, Diana Flores, Ivan Villagomez, Ian Arroyo, Jasmine Carillo, Thania Galvan, Elise Allen, Andrea Aleman, Joshua Calderon, Adebayo Ogunmowo, Matt Brugger, Elizabeth Jensen, Malayna Busik - Landscape(2019)