Trash Talkers

Recycle Mania sign

Trash Talkers is an interactive educational program geared toward educating students on how to properly dispose of their waste on campus. We currently utilize a three-bin system: landfill (black), recycling (blue), and compost (green). This can make it confusing for a student to know what items go in what bins, and it increases our contamination rate.

To combat this, we created a game that challenges students to properly dispose of items. We present them with items they would encounter when they visit different dining locations on campus and ask them what bin they believe it belongs in. We assist students along the way and educate them as to why certain items go in a bin, and we give them tips and tricks for them to identify what items go in what bin.

Check out our Instagram for information about dates and times for our tabling. If you are interested in having our Trash Talkers help educated your group or department, feel free to reach out to us at (818) 677-4262.