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Sustainable Office Program

In an effort to make CSUN a more "environmentally-friendly" campus, the Sustainable Office Program provides information and resources for improving sustainability in the office setting. By participating, your department is actively assisting CSUN to achieve our sustainability goals. Help CSUN achieve our sustainability goals and compete with your fellow Matadors to see who can be the most Sustainable Office on campus!

For more information on the program or to sign up, please contact AS Recycling at or call us at ext. 4262.

How it works

The procedure goes as follows:

  1. Your office agrees to participate in the program
  2. Your office schedules an in-person meeting
  3. The SOP Checklist along with its instructions are sent out in a subsequent email
  4. Your team completes the SOP Checklist to the best of its ability and returns it to us before the scheduled in-person meeting
  5. After the scheduled in-person meeting takes place a report is prepared and sent out to your office
  6. Your office receives an award based on your checklist score and possibly further recognition if your office’s performance is exceptional

Sample Checklist Questions

  • Has your department designated a sustainability representative to encourage sustainable behavior and share ideas for improving sustainability?
  • Do you have a battery recycle bin provided and collected by Environmental Health & Safety?
  • To limit the amount of paper used, do you encourage printing of finalized copies only? Do you have a memo posted in the work area(s)? (Mark 1 point if yes to one question and 2 points for yes to both questions.)
  • Does your department make efforts to create sustainable events or meetings? (Innovation credits will be awarded for specifying ways the office works to make these occasions sustainable.)
  • Does your dept. go through purchasing & IT to ensure that you’re purchasing EPEAT or Energy Star efficient electronics?
  • Do you have motion-detector lights? If not, do you turn off all lights that are not in use?
  • Do you turn off unattended computer monitors throughout the day and utilize office reminders to encourage this behavior?
  • Do any staff members use plug-in space heaters?
  • Does your department report water leaks to PPM?
  • Does your department purchase less toxic chemical alternatives for cleaning such as dish soap, desk wipes or hand sanitizer?
  • Does your office use a bottled water delivery service?

Compete with your fellow Matadors to see who can be the most Sustainable Office on campus!

For more information on the program, please contact AS Recycling at or call us at ext. 4262.

The Mini Bin Program

CSUN is proud to announce the Mini Bin Program within the Sustainable Office Program. The Mini Bin program allows for departments and individuals to actively participate in minimizing their waste by replacing a normal trash bin with a Mini Bin alongside a blue paper bin.

This is an all or nothing program that CSUN can use to significantly reduce the amount of items sent to rapidly growing landfills. Much of what is thought of as trash can be reduced by reusing or recycling, which can be achieved through the Mini Bins. If we implement a "think before you toss" initiative throughout campus, more than half of our waste can potentially be diverted from landfills.

The benefits of the mini bin program:

  • Creates an environmentally friendly office
  • Reduces trash being sent to landfills
  • Save funding through waste contract
  • Custodial costs are reduced by custodians not having to empty desk-side trash bins
  • Eliminates the cost of replacing trash liners

Mini bin