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AS Sustainability has phased out cardboard recycling services and no longer offers pickup services. We only recycle personal E-waste and Inkjet/ Cartridges. Large cardboards should be flattened and recycled at campus bins nearest to your offices. Please contact PPM at (818) 677-2222 for questions about general recycling procedures and bin locations.


  • Plastics #1-7
  • Mixed paper
  • Cardboard
  • Aluminum cans
  • Other metals
  • Glass containers


  • Plastic wrap
  • Food wrappers
  • Foam
  • Rubber
  • Ceramic
  • Compostable items (Look at Organics/Compost Tab)

Image to remind everyone to flatten all cardboard boxes before placing them into a bin

Offices, Faculty, & Staff

AS Sustainability currently services different locations where cardboard can be recycled. If you have a large volume of cardboard to be recycled, please call us at (818) 677-4262

Cardboard Recycling Guidelines

  • Remove all contents
  • Break down and flatten all cardboard containers
  • No waxed or lined boxes
  • Staples, labels and tape are acceptable

​Search where to recycle almost any material

Learn more about local environmental information, services, and resources in California.

​LA Sanitation Recycling
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Students & Staff

Drop Off your E-waste any time at the Sustainability Center for free! E-waste contains valuable and hazardous materials that require special handling and recycling methods to be reused or recycled into a new product. For more information about e-waste, visit​ ​our resources page​ and view what​ ​ electronics we collect​.

Offices, Faculty, & Staff

Request a pick up by giving us a call at (818) 677-4262 or shoot us an email at if you have any electronic waste in your office.

Laser Toner Cartridges and Inkjet Cartridges

Offices, Faculty, & staff

Office Mail Drop Instructions:

  1. Place the inkjet or laser toner cartridge back in its appropriate box. Make sure the cartridge matches what is illustrated on the box.
    1. If you cannot find the corresponding box, find any box and label it clearly and accordingly with the brand name and the type of cartridge/model number
    2. Each cartridge needs its own box.
  2. Secure the box with tape. (ink powder is highly flammable and toxic)
  3. Print out the mail drop label (below) and tape it on the box. Then send the box using campus mail.

Mail Drop Label: LTC Labels

For more information:

Contact us at (818) 677-4262 or at


If you’re a student, you can recycle your ink and laser cartridges by dropping them off at the Sustainability Center.

Department of Public Works E-Waste
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Hazardous Waste

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AS Sustainability Organic Photo

CSUN has designated organics/compost bins on campus to help achieve our Zero Waste Goal. These organics/compost bins can be found all over campus including inside building hallways, dining locations, and outside locations.

Compostable items include:

  • fruits and vegetables
  • meats and fats
  • dairy products
  • eggshells
  • grains and bread

Non-compostable Items:

  • NO wrappers, cups, or containers

Office Purchasing

Wide variety of green office products

Green Seal
Learn about products that have been given the green seal of approval.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding office purchasing, our Sustainable Office Program (SOP)​ team will be glad to answer your questions or concerns. You can find their contact information by clicking the link above.

Sustainability in Higher Education​

Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education
Provides resources, professional development and a network to help in sustainability efforts on campus.

California Higher Education Sustainability Conference
The California Higher Education Sustainability Conference (CHESC) highlights cutting-edge research, as well as case studies with proven successes in curriculum development, operational programs, and community partnerships. This unique event is jointly organized by independent / private colleges, California Community Colleges, California State Universities, and the University of California creating the opportunity for dialogue across institutions.

Green Events

Let AS Sustainability helps you reduce and recycle at your next meeting, party or other special campus event. Special events we’ve serviced include:

  • File Cleanouts
  • Retirement Parties
  • Commencement and Honors Convocation
  • Hooding Ceremonies
  • President’s Picnic
  • New Student Orientation
  • Big Show
  • Matador Nights
  • Summer Movie Fest
  • E-waste Recycling

Call our main office at (818) 677-4262 or email with your contact information and event details. Our team will help make your event a greener one!

Other CSUN Sustainability Efforts