What is the Recycle-L?

The Recycle-L is a weekly newsletter listing free supplies for Staff and Faculty, that have been donated by offices on campus. Staff/Faculty have the opportunity to pick up any items that they need, as well as to donate used supplies to the Sustainability center. We hope this encourages everyone on campus to reduce and reuse supplies instead of buying new ones.

How It's Organized

It's organized by the categories on Staples through subcategories, making it easier to find items. Within those subcategories there will be a sample picture of the item. The sample picture will correspond with the name underlined in the list below, any given picture is the item shown. The numbers that are in parenthesis are the quantities of the items.

How to claim an item?

The Recycle-L is sent weekly. If you like any of the items, email us to check if it is available! We can hold items up to 2 days for you.

You can also come in Monday through Friday, from 9am to 4pm to check out what we have. Please email us when you plan to come in.

How to Donate

If you want to donate you can come in to the A.S Sustainability any time between 8am-4pm, Monday- Friday.

  • Do:

    Office Supplies, Non-State Owned Electronics, Non-State Owned Small Furniture (Side Tables, Chairs, Small Bookcases), and Binders.
  • Don't:

    Large Furniture ( Filing Cabinets, Large Bookcases, Desks) and State Owned Electronics. * If you have large furniture call asset management ( 818-677-6414)