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Programs and Services

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The Recycle-L weekly newsletter is a listing of free supplies for Staff and Faculty, that have been donated by offices on campus. Staff/Faculty have the opportunity to pick up any items that they need, as well as to donate used supplies to the Sustainability Center. We hope this encourages everyone on campus to reduce and reuse supplies instead of buying new ones. For more information on how to donate or claim an item click here


Pop-up Thrift Shop is our annual event that encourages the CSUN community to live a sustainable yet fashionable and affordable lifestyle. Its purpose is to educate students on the importance of repurposing while providing the opportunity to be sustainable and thrift at no cost. All items collected from our campus-wide donation drive are presented in our one day only pop-up thrift store event. On the day of the event students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to donate or “swap” an item in exchange for any of the items we collected. Regardless if the person does not have an item to swap, all items are open to the CSUN community.

Swap & Pop

Trash Talkers is an interactive educational program geared toward educating students on how to properly dispose of their waste on campus. We created a game that challenges students to properly dispose of their items by presenting them with materials they would encounter when they visit different dining locations on campus. We ask them what bin they believe it belongs in and educate students as to why certain items go in a bin. We also provide students with tips and tricks on how to identify which bin the items go in.

Trash Talkers

Matador Exchange is an online marketplace exclusively for CSUN students to buy, sell, or trade items with other CSUN students. The Matador Exchange is a market for items from furniture, electronics, and sports equipment to textbooks and school supplies. Based on sites like “Freecycle” and “Craigslist,” the Matador Exchange seeks to encourage students to reduce the waste of unneeded items that may be of use to other students.

Matador Exchange