• Students using public transportation

Walking to CSUN

Why Walk

When you walk to school or work, you’re taking time out from your busy day to do some- thing worthwhile for yourself and your environment. You are physically healthier, have a better mental attitude and you’re making a valuable contribution to cleaner air. Walking helps to:

  • Decreased Risk for Cardiovascular Disease
  • Prevention of Osteoporosis
  • Healthy Weight Management
  • Preventing and Managing Diabetes
  • Emotional Well Being

Walking Safety

  • Think, "move more, sit less." It's a change in thought that creates a change in behavior.
  • Consider wearing a pedometer.
  • Check your steps over the course of a typical week to find your baseline level of activity.
  • Then, add on from there. Work up to 30-60 minutes (or 2-4 miles) of purposeful walking per day.
  • Take longer walks on some days. Take shorter, faster walks on a variety of terrain on other days.
  • Remember to stretch often
  • And don't forget to smell the roses! Enjoy your walk!