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For more information on transit to campus, visit the Transportation page or call the AS Ticket Office (818) 677-2488

CSUN Transit Station

The CSUN Transit Station is an excellent example of the University's commitment to encourage the campus community to use transit as a commute mode to access the campus. The three bus lines that use the CSUN Transit Station offer easy travel solutions from 4 directions (north, south, east, and west). The bus lines that serve the CSUN Transit Station are:

  • Metro Bus Line 167 (accessing Plummer Street)
  • Metro Bus Line 744 (Rapid) (accessing Reseda, Ventura, and Van Nuys Boulevards)
  • AVTA Express Line 787 (accessing Palmdale/Lancaster)
  • CSUN Metrolink Shuttle (accessing the Northridge Metrolink Station)

All bus services operating at the CSUN Transit Station run Monday through Friday, except Metro Line 167). The CSUN Transit Station is not open on weekends. Metro Line 167 stops at Reseda/Plummer, 7 days a week.

Use Metro's Next Trip to Determine Bus Arrival Time to find out when the next Metro bus is arriving at the CSUN Transit Station. It's very easy to use Metro's Next Trip feature.

  • 30018 is the CSUN Transit Station stop number
  • Select the route number (167 for the east- westbound bus; or 744 for the north- southbound bus)
  • Select the direction of travel you need for the bus line you have selected
  • The Next Trip feature will display the number of minutes until the next arrival of the bus, and show a few subsequent arrival intervals so that you can plan your trip as efficiently as possible.