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Student Leadership Recap

Happy first day back Matadors!

Going back to school is a reason for celebration because it means a new step towards a wonderful future! Before we take off into the new semester, we wanted to take the time to recap some of Student Leadership’s highlights from last semester.

  • Creation of Lobby Corps
  • 900+ Letters collected in support of the DREAM Act
  • 12 Lobbying Visits

Judicial Court

  • 6 Committee Members recruited
  • 11 new clubs approved
  • Creation of Clubs and Organizations Ambassador Student Team
  • Presented in 100 classrooms
  • Successful Thank You For Your Service Day to honor student veterans and all those who serve our community.
  • ClubTakeOver let clubs and organizations table during the weekly AS Farmers Market by applying.
  • Sustainability Center Grand Opening!

Educational Efforts by the Sustainability Committee

  • September 19th: More Fruits and Vegetables
  • Encouraged students to increase the purchase/consumption of fruits and vegetables by explaining that produces bought at the Farmer’s Market does not need to be refrigerated right the way and that fruits and vegetables are a better source of vitamins than supplements.
  • October 17th: World Food Day
    • Encourage students to celebrate World Food Day by getting informed about all the different organizations that offer healthy options on campus. As well, we will talk about food systems and how at CSUN we want to eliminate food waste.
  • November 14th: America Recycles Day
    • Educate students on the various types of plastics in circulation and helping them to distinguish which ones can be recycled for money or on campus, whether or not a plastic can be recycled, and if it can be recycled, where to recycle it LA Food Policy Council: World Food Day. Chair of Sustainability, Frida Herrera-Endinjok, submitted and chosen as one of the 10 finalists for the Future of Food proposal.

Student Housing Insecurity Ad Hoc Committee

  • Student Leadership Partnered with the office of Student Affairs and Housing Instability Project to address housing insecurity issues and developed an external website attached to AS website with resources regarding housing, food, on-campus resources, etc.

Sexual Violence Prevention University Committee and Student Sub-Committee

  • Chief Policy Advisor, Rujjares Hansapiromchok, assisted in the execution of "It’s On Us" event.