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Legislative Referrals

Legislative Referrals (2018-2019)

Referral Number Date Submitted Title of the ReferralAuthored byReferred to Updated Status UpdatesRe Referred To:
#016/4/18Food Sale Bonilla University Affairs Pending review 
#02 7/17/18E01100 ReviewGutierrez University Affairs Reviewed/Discussed at Senate 07/09/18 
#03 7/12/18Investigating Facilities for Graduate Students at CSUN Career Center RatnparkhiUniversity Affairs Sent to Committee for ReviewUniversity Affairs
#047/12/18Resume Critique SoftwareRatnparkhiInternal Affairs/University AffairsSent to Committee for ReviewUniversity Affairs
#057/12/18Request to amend the Judiciary Court meeting time for the 2018-2019 school year Chief Justice David Carter (Sponsered by Beverly Ntagu)Internal Affairs/Senate Voted Unanimous Approval in C.O.T.W 
#068/6/18Amendment to the "To Denounce Violence Against Women and Children" ResolutionPresident Beverly Ntagu Internal AffairsSent to Committee for Review 
#078/6/18Senate Representation in the Judicial CourtPresident Beverly Ntagu Internal AffairsSent to Committee for Review 
#08 8/6/18To Amend the Code on AS Senate Stipends President Beverly Ntagu Internal Affairs Sent to Committee for Review 
#098/6/18Investigate AB 931-Criminal Procedure: Use of Force by Peace Officers Senator Ramos External AffairsSent to Committee for Review 
#108/6/18The Tradition of the RoseSenator GutierrezExternal/UniversitySent to Committee for Review 
#11 8/6/18Parking Lot Security Senator RassamekiarttisakUniversity Affairs Sent to Committee for Review 

Legislative Referrals (2017-2018) - Spring 2017

Legislative Referrals (2017-2018) - Spring 2017

Referral Number and TitleDate submitted to the SenateReferred to (committee)Authored BySenate's Action
1Resume Critique Software1-29-18UniversityRatnaparkhi 
2AS Department Fundraising1-29-18InternalSolano 
3AS Awareness1-29-18InternalMurali 
4Amazon Drop Off Lockers on Campus1-29-18ExternalWest 
5Fundraising Boxing Match1-29-18InternalWest 
6Electrical Energy Conversation1-29-18SustainabilityCanas 
7Review of Past Senate Resolutions1-29-18InternalCabral 
8Collaborating with Alumni Association2-5-18ExternalCoulibaly 
9Tuition Increase Resolution2-5-18ExternalSilva 
10High School Leadership Conference2-5-18ExternalSolano 
11SB 3462-5-18ExternalSilva 
12SB 3202-5-18ExternalSilva 
13Faculty Sustainability Training2-5-18UniversityCanas