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Legislative Referrals

Legislative Referrals (2017-2018) - Fall 2017

Referral Number and Title Date submitted to the Senate Referred to (committee) Authored By Senate's Action
1 Student Housing and Security for Homeless Students 6-5-17 University Canas Recommendation accepted by Senate on 10/09; Ad Hoc Committee Created
2 Improving Department Tutoring Centers 6-5-17 University Canas Recommendation accepted by Senate on 10/09; Follow up with Campus Quality fee
3 Financial Literacy Refreshers 6-5-17 University Skornik Recommendation accepted by Senate on 10/16
4 CSUN Apparel at Local Retail 6-5-17 External Silva
5 Increase Tutoring Hours in the College of Business and Economics 6-5-17 University Silva Combined with LR 2
6 Increase Visibility for the Matacare Fund 6-5-17 Internal Coulibaly Postponed Indefinitely;
7 Increase Compost Bin on Campus 6-5-17 Sustainability Coulibaly
8 Reduce the Price for Farmer?s Market to Increase Vendors 6-5-17 Internal Skornik
9 Expansion of Meal Plan Program on Campus 6-5-17 University Baez
10 Additional Metrolink Shuttle Pickup 8-7-17 External Canas
11 Additional Parking Meters/Machines 8-28-17 External Silva Postponed Indefinitely; Parking app in progress
12 Parking Guidance Sensor Follow Ups 9-11-17 University Ocampo Postponed Indefinitely; To be implemented in phases this academic year
13 Creation of New Printing Lab 9-11-17 University Ocampo Postponed Indefinitely; Senator Murali appointed to committee that will create interactive campus maps and will try to include printing labs on campus
14 Student Speakers at commencement Ceremonies 9-11-17 University West
15 Powermat Wireless Charging Installation 9-11-17 University Canas
16 Animal Care 9-11-17 University Canas Postponed Indefinitely
17 Additional Water Bottle Refill Station Follow Up 9-11-17 Sustainability Silva
18 Halal Food on Campus 9-11-17 University Khuraibet (VP) Postponed Indefinitely; Campus Dining has announced options at Marketplace and Geronimo?s
19 Support AB 17 9-11-17 External Silva Postponed Indefinitely; Resolution already exists
20 AS Response to DACA 9-11-17 External Silva Resolution accepted by Senate on 10/16
21 Clean Up AS Office 9-11-17 Internal Skornik
22 Long term training for AS 9-11-17 Internal Skornik
23 Campus Safety/Resource Fair 9-11-17 Internal Khuraibet (VP)
24 AS Suggestion Box Popularity 9-11-17 Internal Canas
25 Provide Financial Support to Promote Inclusivity 9-11-17 Internal Coulibaly
26 In Support of S.597 Children of Fallen Heroes Scholarship Act 9-25-17 External Silva
27 Grant Writing Corps 9-25-17 Internal Skornik
28 Food Pantry Partnership with the Farmer?s Market 9-25-17 Internal Skornik
29 Matador Band Equipment Room 10-2-17 University Canas
30 Limebike Bike-Share Program 10-2-17 External Solano
31 Lyft/Uber Student Discount for CSUN Students 10-2-17 External Ocampo
32 Safety Reassurance around Campus Streets 10-2-17 External Naqvi
33 Support New Metro Transit Project 10-2-17 External Silva
34 Creation of New Bike Lane on Zelzah 10-2-17 External Silva Postponed Indefinitely; Support Letter already exists
35 Judicial Court Changes 10-2-17 Internal Coulibaly
36 Amazon Lockers on Campus 10-9-17 External Silva
37 Adding UCS to CSUN app 10-9-17 University Martinez
38 University UCS Training 10-9-17 University Martinez
39 UCS Brochure Requirement 10-9-17 University Martinez
40 Warning of Athletic Events 10-9-17 University Martinez
41 Take Official Stance on EO 1100 and 1110 10-9-17 University Goldenberg (President)
42 Expansion of Prayer Room 10-9-17 University Goldenberg (President) Postponed Indefinitely; Prayer Room Accommodations made
43 Amend Standing Rules to Change Meeting Times 10-9-17 Internal Campbell-Wright
44 Creation of ?Exceptional Matador? Award 10-9-17 Internal Goldenberg (President)
45 UCS Literature in AS Depts 10-9-17 Internal Martinez