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Student Leadership


CSUN remains open but only limited face-to-face student services will continue to be available to increase social distancing for students and employees and significantly lower the number of people physically on campus. We are doing our part to "flatten the curve" of COVID-19.

The Student Leadership office is closed for now. However, we are still working hard to serve your needs.

Please contact us by:


Phone: 818-677-2477

Instagram: @CSUNAS

AS President, Diana Vicente, will be live on Instagram March 23-27 at 3:00 p.m. to answer your questions and hear your stories.

For updates on our AS Elections please visit:

Our weekly Senate meetings will continue to take place on Mondays beginning at 9:00 a.m. Please use the following link to join:

Please continue to visit and for the most up to date information regarding CSUN’s transition to virtual instruction and social distancing for students and employees.

The Student Government division of Associated Students (AS) represents the student body, advocates its needs and defends its interests in dealings with faculty, campus administrators and government officials.

Student Government is comprised of student leaders who seek to provide the ultimate college experience and uphold the mission and vision of AS Student leaders encourage shared governance, student advocacy and collaboration with other campus and community entities.

Student Government also hosts a variety of student activities, including events with guest speakers, community outreach efforts and open forums. AS is the official seat of student governance for the campus; student leaders are elected every spring semester.

You can read more about AS Student government in the constitution and if you would like to get involved, apply for one of the open student leadership positions.


The student-elected representatives that make up the senate are the legislative arm of AS Student Government and serve as the official voice of CSUN students. The senate also serves as the board of directors for the AS corporation and advocates for students in a variety of other capacities within the campus community.

The senate is composed of 24 voting members — two lower division students, two upper division students, two graduate students and two elected from each of the eight colleges along with the vice president and president (who serves as the chair).

Members of the senate have the opportunity to develop skills in parliamentary procedure, goal setting, communications, group processing, multiculturalism, decision making and critical analysis.

Serving on the senate enables students to apply what they learn in the classroom to real-life situations. They gain a more thorough understanding of fiscal issues, personnel matters, marketing and public relations.

In sum, members of the senate:

  • Serve as one of the 24 students representing a student body of more than 38,000
  • Gain valuable leadership experience
  • Initiate and approve policy and legislation
  • Preside over a multi-million dollar operating budget
  • Serve on committees that affect change on campus
  • Network with people from various backgrounds
  • Work with faculty and campus administrators

Executive Cabinet

The executive cabinet is a group of students appointed by the AS president to support their goals for the year. Cabinet positions vary annually. For more information, visit the Officers page.