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Sport Clubs Council

The Sport Clubs Council is the governing body that distributes budgets, and represents, advocates, markets and plans for the Associated Students (AS) Sport Clubs. The council’s ultimate goal is to unite and involve CSUN students in a community of competitive and recreational sports while enhancing collegiate experiences and providing leadership and support.

Documents and Forms

Sport Clubs Council Officers


Michelle Zuniga (Women's Basketball)

Vice President

Joanna Wu (Women's Lacrosse)


Avery Fox (Women's Rugby)


Raquel Munoz (Archery)

Events and Planning Manager

Amanda Klessig (Women's Soccer)

Sport Clubs Council Meeting Dates and Times

Fall 2019

  • September 4th 5:30pm - Grand Salon
  • September 18th 5:30pm - Northridge Center
  • October 2nd 5:30pm - Flintridge Room
  • October 16th 5:30pm - Grand Salon
  • October 30th 5:30pm - Grand Salon
  • November 13th 5:30pm - Thousand Oaks
  • November 27th 5:30pm - Grand Salon (If happening)
  • December 4th 5:30pm - Thousand Oaks

Spring 2020

  • January 29th 5:30pm - Grand Salon
  • February 12th 5:30pm - Flintridge
  • February 26th 5:30pm - TBD
  • March 11th 5:30pm - Flintridge
  • March 25th 5:30pm - Flintridge
  • April 8th 5:30pm - Grand Salon
  • April 22nd 5:30pm - Thousand Oaks
  • May 6th 5:30pm - Grand Salon (If happening)

View a map of the USU to find the location of these rooms.

Spring 2019 Sport Clubs Council Agendas and Minutes