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The links below outline the details of resolutions that have been adopted or approved by the AS Student Government. For a list of resolutions from previous years, select the archived resolutions link at the bottom of the page.

New resolutions will be made exclusively available on the AS Wiki under the "Available Resolutions" section. Older resolutions will remain available on this page, however they will be reorganized and moved.

100 Day Initiative

CSUN Zimride

AS in Favor of the Creation of the AB540 Dream Center

Bring Out the Red

Free Parking After 6 and Free Parking for the Start of the Semester

Campus Trees to Honor as Lifetime Award Recipients

Matador Food Bank

Financial Model Resolution

OneCard for Cross Campus Involvement

Gender Inclusive Restrooms

Resolution Supporting Proposition 55

100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide

Against the Board of Trustees contingency plans

AS Awarness Month Resolution Amendment

AS Annual Student and Staff Training

AS Annual Department Appreciation Luncheon

AS President's Day

AS Productions funding

AS representation on college websites

Bicycle and skateboard safety

California State University Risk Management Authority (CSURMA)

CSUN NCAA women’s soccer team #17

CSUN NCAA men’s soccer team #16

CSUN Smoke-free Policy

CSUN smoking policy

CSUN soccer team locker rooms #24

CSUN Student Impaction and the Need for Additional Funding to the CSU

CSUN women’s rugby team #15

Delmar T. Oviatt Library Learning Commons #1

Disability training #23

Establishing Increased Awareness of CSUN Mental Health Resources

Extending writing assignments in classes

Farmer's Market Resolution

Focus on the AS Sport Clubs program

Focus on the Sports Clubs program Clubs

Funding for Student Clubs/Organizations Sign Language Interpreter

Gender inclusivity

Governmental advocacy

Health care options #003

Hurricane Sandy and donation drive

Imporve Orientation Process for Transfer Students

Instituting the tradition of the rose

Jolene Koester scholarship

Lab material and lecture on science courses #7

Matador bicycle shop #22

Media and Public Health Act

Opposition Governor Brown’s budget

Opposition to Cal Grants

Opposition to the 9 percent tuition increase

Opposition the 15-unit cap financial penalty

Optimal accessibility for students with disabilities in newly constructed buildings at CSUN #25

Outreach to Local High Schools

Purple video relay service #14

Recognition and Support of the Student Invovlement and Representation Fund (SIRF)

Service project for senators and the cabinet #19

Single use of plastic bags #14

Smart parking #01

Student aid alliance

Student awareness month

Student Accessibility to Police Services During an Emergency

Support of CSUN IT's AppJam

Supporting Senate Bill 267, signed #13

Supporting Proposition 30, #2

Transitioning AS Productions into a department #20

Transporation Subsidy Program

Water refill stations

Archived resolutions, 1980-2009