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Team Building - Initiatives

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Initiatives, or simply team building games, are unique challenges that are entirely ground-based and provide a group of individuals a framework for becoming a stronger team. These challenges vary in length, but they all focus on accomplishing a singular goal together as a group. The best part about initiative programs is that they are shorter in length, allowing for multiple learning outcomes to be addressed.

These initiative programs are our most popular choice among non-high ropes course events. Because of the physical and mental challenges presented, individuals must rely on their team and individual strengths to lead the team to success. The initiatives will increase in difficulty the more successful the team is or for returning clients. These programs are often the best for transferring skills and relationships gained during the experience back to the workplace, as they are more team-based.

Initiative always include a short introduction from the facilitators (and name game if the participants are unfamiliar with each other) and a large group game. From there, depending on the length of the program, the facilitators will usually lead at least two different activities (which usually have at least two learning outcomes per game). Debriefs will occur within each activity; however, a large group debrief will occur at the end.

Potential options include:

  • 2 hour Initiative program with introduction, two activities, and concluding debrief (best for smaller groups up to 25 maximum)*
  • 3 hour Initiative program with introduction, three to four activities, and concluding debrief (best for medium to large groups up to 45 maximum)
  • 4-6 hour ½ combo program with both Initiatives + High Ropes Course (explained in Combo tab)
  • 6-8 hour full day combo program with both Initiatives + High Ropes Course (explained in Combo tab)

* Recommended Initiative option and one of our most popular program options *

Past clients include:

  • CSUN Ice Hockey
  • Veteran’s Resource Center
  • Associated Students Leadership
  • EOP Students Association
  • Career Center

This option is best for teams that are:

  • Either new or very high functioning and anywhere in between
  • Looking for a challenging environment that is ground-based
  • Looking for unique obstacles and challenges that provide the opportunity for team growth and individual growth
  • Continuing clients looking for a new challenge with initiatives (new clients who have never done a team building program see positive results as well)

Please fill out a “Request a Quote” Wufoo for pricing and scheduling, and ask any questions through the form or via email communication with the Team Building Supervisor, who will be in contact with you once the form is received.