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If you found yourself wondering if you could combine the Initiative program with the HRCC program, then you are in luck! Our Combo program is our most popular HRCC option and one of our most popular programs in general because it combines the best of both worlds. Within the 4-8 hour programs, teams are placed in unique situations and challenges that are both in the air and ground based. These challenges will build off one another to accomplish the vision set forth by the team’s coordinator.

Because the Combo programs provide the most customization, teams can look to spread out their goals and learning outcomes or hone in on two or three. All activities that are facilitated will include some aspect of the learning outcomes, though that might not be the ultimate motive behind the activity (some may be chosen that require deeper thinking to notice the connection). Unlike with the Initiative and HRCC programs, Combo programs will not necessarily increase in difficulty from activity to activity. Instead, all the activities will range in difficulty throughout the single experience.

Combo programs will always include a short introduction from the facilitators (and name game if the participants are unfamiliar with each other) and a large group game to split them up. From there, depending on the length of the program and number of participants, the facilitators will take the groups through different elements on the course in one group, and one or two Initiatives with the other group. The group will then switch and do the exact same activities as the previous group. A large group debrief will occur at the end. *

* Lunch is highly recommended for the full day program, and recommended for half-day programs that extend over the usual lunch hours (11 am – 1 pm). Lunch is not provided *

Potential options include:

  • 4-6 hour ½ combo program with both Initiatives + High Ropes Course (explained in Combo tab)*
  • 6-8 hour full day combo program with both Initiatives + High Ropes Course (explained in Combo tab)

* Recommended Combo option and one of our most popular program option *

Past clients include:

  • Upward Bound
  • Resident Halls Association
  • Intramurals
  • Business Department
  • Immaculate Heart
  • Lily Academy

This option is best for teams that are:

  • Either new or very high functioning and anywhere in between
  • Looking for a challenging environment that combines both on-the-course elements and ground based games for a well-rounded program
  • Looking for unique obstacles and challenges that provide the opportunity for team growth and individual growth in different arenas to satisfy multiple learning outcomes and goals
  • Continuing clients looking for a new challenge with a team building program (new clients who have never done a team building program see positive results as well)

Please fill out a “Request a Quote” Wufoo for pricing and scheduling, and ask any questions through the form or via email communication with the Team Building Supervisor, who will be in contact with you once the form is received.