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Leadership Development Workshops are Outdoor Adventures' newest program. Born from the idea of combining experiential education with the classic classroom setting, these workshops are perfect for all types of learners. Whether you learn through lectures, seminars, discussions, or play, Leadership Development Workshops cover all the bases. These workshops aim to provide a platform of learning how to be a better leader through 50% experiential play and 50% lecture-based discussion.

Whereas other programs focus on being a more cohesive team and individual growth, the main goal of the Leaderships Development Workshops is to solely focus on creating and fostering leaders. Facilitators will lead groups through a PowerPoint or other visual presentation that focuses on the goals set forth by the group leaders, and follow it up with team building initiatives that highlight the learning outcomes covered. These workshops are most effective over multiple sessions, with each session focusing on two or three separate leadership learning outcomes.

Potential options include:

  • One 2 hour session (includes 2 – 3 areas of focus)
  • One, Two, or Three 2 hour sessions (2 – 3 areas of focus per session)
  • 4+ hour combo program with HRCC (2 – 3 areas of focus)

This option is best for teams that are:

  • Either new or very high functioning and anywhere in between
  • Best at learning through discussion based conversations or in the classroom setting
  • Looking to blend discussions and lectures with experiential education
  • Continuing clients looking for a new challenge with team building (new clients who have never done a team building program see positive results as well)

Please fill out a "Request a Quote" Wufoo for pricing and scheduling, and ask any questions through the form or via email communication with the Team Building Supervisor, who will be in contact with you once the form is received.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is team building?

Team Building is experiential education at its finest. Participants are led through activities, both ground-based games and challenge course elements, that challenge them to grow as a team and as an individual. The root of team building is play, and the ultimate goal of any program is to have fun and play. All activities, challenges, and elements go through three stages: experience (where participants actually play), reflection (where participants debrief and discuss the experience), and application/transference (where participants lay outs steps to grow and improve and apply it).

Who can schedule a team building?

All CSUN or non-CSUN community groups can schedule a program!

Any club, department, organization, or group can schedule a team building program, regardless of affiliation to California State University, Northridge. CSUN affiliated groups will receive discounted prices, whereas non-CSUN affiliated groups will have slightly higher prices.

How many people can attend?

There is an unlimited number of people who can attend, just as long as all participants can experience all of the activities. The largest group we have ever facilitated for is 120 participants. Just keep in mind, the more participants equals a higher price and a longer program.

What activities can I expect?

It depends on what type of program you are looking for. The High Ropes Challenge Course (HRCC) has a variety of different elements, including: High V, Balance Beam, Zip line, and Leap of Faith, etc. The Initiatives program features games such as: Spider Web, Dreamcatcher, Tanks and Generals, Crystal Cave, etc. Other activities will be included. Check the program options above to get a better idea of what each program entails!

Where are programs held?

Almost all Initiative programs are held at the West Instructional Field, right next to Matador Hall and the High Ropes Challenge Course (HRCC). The HRCC is located on Halsted and Lindley, across from the North Field. The Team Building Supervisor will go over details during scheduling. A map is included in the "Important Documents" tab below.

Where can I park?

Parking is available on campus right next to the West Instructional Field in the E6 parking lot. Please keep in mind that parking is not included, so all cars will need to have a parking pass (prices vary depending on length) in order to not get a ticket.

How much does a program cost?

The cost of a program depends on four things:

  1. Number of participants
  2. Length of program
  3. Type of program
  4. Program fee.

The Team Building Supervisor and Outdoor Adventures Manager calculate a quote based on those four items.

How can I pay for my group’s program?

A "Request for Invoice" will be emailed to you before the program date usually during the planning process. From there, our Associated Students Accounting Department will send you a formal invoice. Checks are accepted.

Is team building safe?

Team building is inherently risky, but we here at Outdoor Adventures take every precautionary measure to ensure participant safety. All of our HRCC gear is inspected and all facilitators are belay skills checked (using the PBUS method). Initiative and HRCC facilitators go through an extensive training process and shadowing system before being allowed to facilitate or belay on their own.

How do I notify Outdoor Adventures about medical accommodations, special needs, or safety concerns?

Any and all concerns should be brought to the Team Building Supervisor and Outdoor Adventure Manager’s attention via email. The "Goals & Needs Assessment" Wufoo has a space for this question; however, anything worth putting in that box is worth a conversation prior to the program to ensure safety throughout.

How to Register/ Schedule

So you are hooked on team building and ready to get a program scheduled for your organization! Here are the steps to register and schedule a team building program with Outdoor Adventures:

Step 1: Fill out the "Request a Quote" Wufoo form (found on the main page and in the 6 program options; they are all the same one). This form has dates, times, and number of participants which will be relayed to the Team Building Supervisor and Outdoor Adventure Manager.

Step 2: The Team Building Supervisor will contact you with any follow up questions and provide you with a quote based on all the information you provided.

Step 3: Once you accept the quoted price, fill out the "Goals & Needs Assessment" Wufoo form so the facilitators know exactly what you are looking for (will be emailed to you and can be found on the main page and in the 6 program options).

Step 4: Continue communication with the Team Building Supervisor and await confirmation of date, time, and location. A "Request for Invoice" will be sent prior to the program date. Fill it out and return to the Team Building Supervisor. A formal invoice will be sent after the request is returned.


Step 6: Fill out the "Evaluation" Wufoo form (will be emailed to you and can be found on the main page and in the 6 program options) to evaluate the program, the facilitators, and the overall experience. Fill out the "Request for Invoice" and await the formal invoice, if not already completed.

Outdoor Adventure’s Team Building Values

We here at Outdoor Adventures follow 5 core principles to ensure that all of our programs are safe, inclusive, accessible, meaningful, helpful, and most importantly, fun. While our mission as an organization is much broader, our team building philosophy hones in on the important aspects of what team building is all about. Here are our 5 core values:

  1. Safety and Support - We value safety above all else, both physical and emotional safety. All of our facilitators are trained through an extensive training cycle that leaves them prepared for all types of programs and potential issues. Our staff is encouraging and supportive, and we require all participants to create a safe, supportive space for each other.
  2. Commitment - We value commitment to the day, the moment, the process, and each other. We ask participants to take each moment as it comes and stay committed throughout, regardless of how silly it might look. Most of all, we ask that participants are committed to growing as individuals and together as a team.
  3. Positivity - We value positivity. Our facilitators are some of the most open-minded, non-judgmental, and positive people you will ever meet. We ask participants to never view the process, a particular challenge or mishap as negative; rather, we ask them to turn it around and see how it can help the next step and to remain positive no matter the situation at hand.
  4. Listening - We value listening, especially to instructions and directions from all facilitators. Some of the programs are inherently risky activities, and it is essential that participants listen throughout the process. In addition, in order to take in and retain all of the learning outcomes and growing opportunities throughout the day, participants must be willing to listen, not just hear, and ask when something is unclear.
  5. Fun - We value fun, second only to safety. What we do at Outdoor Adventures is play and educate through experiences. This means that we are always having fun. We ask participants to enjoy the entire process and the program, as the biggest goal for any program, ultimately, is to have fun.

Values to Team

Team building is one of the most useful, unorthodox, and fun tools your team could ever use to grow. Despite having the appearance as play, we here at Outdoor Adventures have harnessed play into experiential education with goals, learning outcomes, and standards that will provide your team with the opportunities to enhance a variety of different ideas, qualities, and skills. The best part is that it is mutually beneficial to both the individuals participating and the team as a whole!

Here are some of the biggest values that a team building program can provide to your team:

  • Enhanced leadership skills and encouraging new leaders to emerge
  • New understanding of collective strengths and areas of improvement as a team
  • Provides framework for team and individual growth to improve the improvable and strengthen strengths
  • Successful problem-solving techniques and encouraging operating as a single unit to reach success
  • Highlights individual and team potential
  • Increased respect and understanding for fellow team members
  • Creating a higher functioning, more cohesive, and more effective team
  • Provides motivation to make positive behavioral changes as individuals and as a team
  • Develop meaningful relationship for individuals that will increase team performance and individual confidence
  • Provides glimpse into individual comfort zones and the growth potential outside of the comfort zone
  • Provides a platform for growth in all areas, including: leadership, communication, trust, teamwork, confidence, and sense of self

Challenge by Choice

Besides the five core values that embody our team building philosophy here at Outdoor Adventures, we also follow the tenet of Challenge by Choice. Just like how it sounds, Challenge by Choice is the idea that we allow all of our participants to choose to act or to react to challenges that our facilitators provide.

Challenge by Choice, however, is not an escape route. This three-letter phrase does not give you the ability to stand down and not participate. We utilize this philosophy to encourage you to choose to attempt that challenge and go as far as you want, so long as you try.

For example, if you are afraid of heights and do not want to participate in the HRCC, we will ask you to at least put on the harness and helmet. After that, we will ask you to take the first step to climbing the course. We do not force or pressure any participation; we only encourage growth.

What to Bring

Depending on what program type you are participating in, how long the program is, and the expected weather, there might be specific items that the facilitators will request you to bring. Please make sure you bring your waiver to all programs.

Here is a list of items that are you are required to bring/wear for non-HRCC programs:

  • Comfortable shoes (Climbing shoes will be provided at the Rockwall if doing RIDGE program)
  • Athletic Clothing that is comfortable and modest (shorts and t-shirts OK)
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Water (1 normal size bottle is best, 1 Liter recommended for 4+ hour programs)

Here is a list of items that are required to bring/wear for HRCC programs:

  • Close-toed shoes (improper footwear will result in you not being able to participate)
  • Athletic Clothing that is comfortable and modest (pants and long-sleeve shirts are recommended with participation on the course)
  • Hat (that will not fall off during participation)
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Water (1 normal size bottle is best, 1 Liter recommended for 4+ hour programs)

Our Clients

We have had the opportunity to program and facilitate customized events for a variety of on-campus and off-campus groups. These CSUN and non-CSUN groups have enjoyed our custom programs and many are returning clients who have annual or bi-annual events. Here are a select few of those who have had team building events:

  • Career Center
  • CSUN Housing Conference Services
  • NCOD Staff
  • The University Corporation Staff (TUC)
  • Resident Hall Association
  • Pride Center
  • EOP
  • Intramurals
  • Associated Students Sport Clubs
  • Ice Hockey (Sport Clubs)
  • Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity
  • CSUN Women’s Golf
  • Business Department
  • NSO Staff
  • Associated Students Productions
  • Blue’s Project
  • Veteran’s Resource Center
  • Outreach and Recruitment
  • DRES Department
  • Minority Male Mentorship
  • Associated Students Leadership
  • RTM Department
  • CSUN Women’s Basketball
  • CSUN Women’s Soccer
  • CSUN Men’s Soccer
  • CSUN Upward Bound
  • LAVC TRiO Upward Bound
  • Nursing Association
  • Boy Scouts
  • IPC Hardware
  • Immaculate Heart
  • Lily Academy
  • Pacific Crossroads Church

Important Documents