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Team Building

Virtual Team building

Staying connected to your CSUN communities is always important but now more than ever. Whether you are looking for development opportunities, team building progressions, icebreakers, or just fun games to play, Outdoor Adventures is offering free facilitated Zoom based events and activities for free to CSUN clubs, departments, organizations, and communities of students, faculties and staff.

Below is our ‘menu’ of team building activities. Use this information and the registration form below to craft the perfect event for your community's needs!

Traditional Team Building Activities and Progressions

Outdoor Adventures Teambuilding facilitators have dozens of activities, games and progressions available for your group. We are happy to design and customize and deliver a program tailored for your group, targeting desired outcomes, and at times that work for you.

Play with or without us - DIY Resources

These less traditional ‘team building’ activities that can be facilitated for free by a game loving Outdoor Adventures friend, or DIY with the links below.

JackBox Games
2-8 people
Approximately 30 minutes - 1.5 hours

Easy-to-play party games for your group, players join by using a web browser on their smart phone and take part in super interactive games and activities, laughs guaranteed.

Escape Room - Harry Potter
2 - 8 people
Approximately 2 hours

You have found a hidden room in Hogwarts, full of wonder and mystery… as well as a locked door behind you. Alongside your Outdoor Adventures Headmaster, use problem solving to escape this room. *No Wizarding world knowledge required.

Trivia Night
2 - 50 people
Approximately 45 minutes

If you are missing family trivia night, bar trivia, or looking to flex new knowledge from your classes, join us for our virtual trivia night to put all that knowledge to use. - Pictionary
2 - 12 people
Approximately 30 minutes

Unleash your artistic side and compete for points with your team. No artistic ability actually required:)

*Optional 15 - 30 minute debrief sessions can be added on to these ‘fun and games’ offerings to turn these games into more meaningful community development opportunities.