• Students hiking during a trip put on by Outdoor Adventures

Frequently Asked Questions

We've composed a list of frequently asked questions concerning trips and Outdoor Adventures as a whole.

What is Outdoor Adventures?

Outdoor Adventures is a department of Associated Students. Here at “OA” we are in charge of the rock wall at the SRC, run single and multi-day wilderness outings, rent all sorts of Outdoor equipment at reduced prices, hold workshops and clinics on cool outdoor skills, and lead team building progressions. Above all we are an Outdoor resource for the entire CSUN community to use.

Why should I go with Outdoor Adventures?

Outdoor Adventures is an incredible and affordable experience. Through our scheduled trips and professionally trained staff we seek to create super fun and life changing experiences out in beautiful nature settings. OA is an awesome opportunity to do amazing things with amazing people.

How should I choose a trip?

The best way to pick a trip is to come in and talk to our staff; ask about the location, how strenuous it is, and the highlights. If are not available, you can also do a quick google search of the location for images and information on the site. Check the National Park Service website for an information overload.

Our backpacking trips are usually slightly more strenuous and teaching oriented around backcountry skills. On these trips we will really get to know one specific area as we hike and camp away from civilization. Camp and Explore trips have a more relaxed feel as we focus on lots of shorter hikes and activities around a location; on these trips we’ll get a broad feel for an entire area in shorter bursts.

How are your trip leaders trained?

We are very proud of our fun and professional trip leaders. Through our extensive “Outdoor Leadership Program” we train competent individuals so that they can facilitate the best outdoor experience on our trips. Each trip leader has at minimum 10 days of training in the field; here they learn how to be better outdoor guides, drivers, chefs, camp counselors, naturalists, gear technicians, and engineers of fun. All of our trip leader teams have at least 1 certified Wilderness First Responder (80 hours of medical training) staff are certified food handlers.

How do I sign up?

Come by the Outdoor Adventure Rental Center, in the Northwest corner of the SRC, between 10:00am - 5:00pm Monday through Friday and one of our staff will help you with registration for the trip of a lifetime.

Can I sign up online or by phone?

No. We only accept sign ups in person at our office during normal hours. We cannot save or reserve your spot until you have paid.

Can non-Csun students attend?

Any CSUN student attending a trip may bring one guest; the guest may or may not be affiliated with CSUN. The guest must sign up at the same time as the CSUN student, for the “affiliate price” that can be found on our trips page.

What times do trip usually leave?

We usually leave at a time that accommodates all of the group members on Friday. That being said we try to depart before 1:00pm, but we are happy to make it work.

What time do we usually come back?

We try to squeeze the most out of our weekends. The majority of our multi-day trips return Sunday evening, anywhere between 5:00pm and 10:00pm.

What if we don’t have the right equipment?

Included in the price of your trip is all the “group gear.” This means tents, cooking equipment, stoves, pots, pans, water, and fire wood is all taken care of. You are only responsible for the basics such as your clothes, sleeping bag, and water bottles. You can rent anything you don’t already have from us at our CSUN Outdoor Rental Center, which is open from 10:00am to 5:00pm

Will there be any electricity?

Nope! We encourage you to try a weekend away from phones and laptops; cameras are awesome though.

Will I have Cell phone reception?

Nope! All the more reason to unplug and unwind in the wild.

What is your policy on drugs and alcohol?

We have a strict no drugs or alcohol policy for the entire duration of all our outings. This also is extended to include no pets, fireworks, or firearms.

Are there bathrooms?

On our Camp and Explore trips usually stay in designated campsites with running water, and toilets. On our backpacking trips may spend days at a time without a toilet, as we learn to properly use the woods as our restroom. Ask at the office for trip specific information.

What kind of sleeping accommodations are there?

On all of our trips we will sleep outside in sleeping bags. You will have the option of sleeping inside a tent or directly out under the stars.

What is included in most trips?

With the cost of our trips you will receive all transportation for the weekend, group gear (tents, and cooking equipment), campgrounds, wilderness permits, all associated park fees, all meals, experienced trip leaders who know the location and trails.

Do we have to drive?

No. Outdoor Adventures will provide transportation in 12 passenger vans to and from our office at the SRC. All you have to do is kick back and enjoy.

I have a question that's not listed here

If you have any other questions feel free to ask away on our Facebook page.

Can I sign up online or by phone?

Yes you can sign up for trips by calling us at 818-677-4453 between the hours of 10:00 am - 5:00 pm.

You can sign up for trips online by visiting us online at